Hip Hop News
August 7 '98


According to a recent edition of Lee Bailey's EUR Report, Special Ed-the man who brought us the classic 'I Got It Made' is dropping a law suit on the New York City Police Department. Apparently Special Ed wouldn't let officers chase a suspected drug dealer through his yard. The rapper claims that undercover police appeared at his Brooklyn home and wanted to use his yard to chase some drug dealers they were pursuing.. When Special Ed refused he was verbally harassed. After the pursuit, the officer returned to his home and proceeded to beat down Ed and his older brother..

Now that's foul.. Let's hope that Ed 'gets it made' and gets a whole chunk of change from NYPD... Just a side note I wanna thank EUR for confirming that Lauryn Hill will indeed be having a second child.. It's due sometime in October..

written by
Davey D

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