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August 1 1998

was held this past weekend in NYC

-- wed- RSC member official in-store signing at 'Bobbitto's Footwork' located in downtown manhattan, NYC

Thurs- hip hop battle contest- break, DJ, emcee-- thousand dollar prize given to a new cat from the west coast- name not available- inquire within--- took place at the marc ballroom in union square, NYC

fri- Hip hop film festival, included wild style featuring crazy legs and mr. freeze, among other important figures, and a slue of hip hop independent documentaries, took place at the legendary Wetlands, NYC a very cool event!

sat- all day 1-7pm at Gaelic Park on 240th and broadway in the Bronx, with the elevated trains running all around the park-- feeling NYC---free outdoor concert with performances by the arsonists, dead pres, mos def-black star, channel live, tony touch+ray roll and greg nice (nice and smooth), the whole duck down family but dominated by helta skelta, and smif and wesson now known as the cocoa bros.+ blackmoon. Hosted by ray roll, crazy legs, and bobitto, with appearances like showbiz and AG, supernatural who eventually kicked some shit, and a slue of hip hop legendaries. DJs and emcess represented from all over.

Wesley Snipes was seen on deck as well watching with a hunny and a bodyguard. Mad people showed up-- estimated at 10,000-- there were booths and panels, vinyl flooring for the b- boy heads who trooped from all over the globe... it was defintly an international event and the best day of the year for some NYers. mad sunny but less humid--- the crowd got some relief when host ray roll and tony touch sprayed the crowd with huge supersoaker guns

sun- 1-7pm another dope day at the mahattan center on 34th street in the heart of NYC, a 25 dollar ticket gave you entrance to a huge RSC party filled with b-boyism to the tilt. everyone who's everyone that was in town was at the center. Hit squad- pmd and his ill crew- 8off etc.. rocked it, some independent cats, Common, and a whole bunch of peace took over until the final rock steady circle.. as usual RSC shows the year in b-boy through the ill breakin....mad peeps from all over representd... RSC hawaii, RSC japan, RSC netherlands, RSC san Fran, RSC LA , and of course LEGS AND RSC NY rockd a crazy ill routine that had the crowd buggin, until a few cats in the crowd- some dedicated but disrespectful crew, started their own circle-- until LEGS told Africa Bambatta and DJ kool HERC-- originator legends--to stop the music---

he told the crew--- how dare they form a circle when the most organized crew in hip hop is doing a routine-- matter of fact LETS BATTLE--- the whole place went bonkers and the kids got rushed--- Legs said 'your six vs our six -the best vs some comp' then he got the word from the promoters to chill--- the place got outta control when he screamed battle--- a real RSC event---no doubt besides that spec of bedlam, the whole week was mad peaceful--- not one incident at the park on sat with crowds reaching 10g.. and no beef at the center, when it got a little hectic with the battle call.--- overall---- if u love hip hop u need to be there next year- the last weekend in july when RSC does it again--- mad respect to legs for holding it down.... the real bboy just a bronx cat doing his thing----

mention the new indepepndent crew "SESH" and the new album entitled "4535" in stores now and be put on our list of a million dollar sweepstakes. from gunhill road in the boogie down to your neck of the hood-- sesh out-- mad love dave keep it poppin.

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