Good Album.. Great Beats.. Good Content
B-Reals Flows.. The Others Guys Can't Rap

Pyscho Realm is a new group headed by B-Real of Cypress Hill This new album which features B-Real's two proteges Jack and Duke Gonzales has so much potential... The beats are there.. The lyrical content is there.. This is the type of lp you have to listen to a couple of times to pick up all the game that's being spit.. Thank God for the accompanying lyric sheet... It's been a while since there's been a hip hop lp dropping this much info on the real deal about what's going down on the street side of town.. The problem here is that B-Real easily overshadows his partners.. and it leaves you wishing that it was a Cypress Hill album.. where all the players are on par.. B-Real can flow while the other two are hard to understand.. I wanna look past the accents and what have ya.. because what's written is obviously dope.. That's the main drawback...

On the flipside for a debut lp I like it.. it contains original music that'll have you thinking Cypress Hill.. The difference is these guys aren't talking about smoking blunts... Nor are they talking about being Big Willies in the game or shooting 30 people every two minutes.. They're breaking down the system on many levels.. They talk about being addicted to drugs.. They talk about growing up in a gang infested world, they talk about folks dealing drugs..and the day to day mentality many of have who have to endure the day to day strife of ghetto or barrio life...It's dope.. Stand out tracks include... 'Confessions Of A Drug Addict' , 'Premonitions' 'La Connecta [Pt2]' and 'Love Letters'... I'm not sure if folks have moved beyond what has been traditionally thought of as the Cypress Hill sound.. I like it.. I don't expect to hear any of these songs on the radio...anytime soon.. But I do expect to hear some of those who are into progressive hip hop bumpin' Physcho Realm from your car.. I just hope Jack and Duke pick up on their rhyme skillz.. That's what's needed to complete this package.. I would've loved to heard this album, beats and lyrics and all with someone like Ice Cube being B-Real's partner... Be sure to give this joint a listen..

Reviewed By Davey D

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