This is my 2nd letter to daveyd's in as many days.I like the professional look of this site,and the love behind it all.So I find myself drawn here.

The reason I'm writing this letter is because I am as concerned as the rest of us about the confusion in our communities.It seems as if we just are determined to turn over all that our grandparents and greatgrands fought to leave us,back into the hands of those who hate us.We must not be blind...there are those around us who would love nothing more than to see us once again as servants without voices,as slaves without rights.They do not believe we deserve the rights we have.Those of us who live today according to codes of violence and selfishness give our enemies weapons to use against us.

Our enemies are any people who believe that people of color are inferior and should be treated as inferior.Our enemies are any people who deprive innocent people of their rights to live in peace without fear.Not one african american has one good reason to treat one african american one way similar to the way our enemies treat us and want to treat us.No matter what your beef is with someone,or your cash flow problems,you must remember who you are...we can not become our enemies.To become your enemy is to hate yourself,and to hate yourself is to wish your own destruction;to wish your own destruction is against your own best interests,against your very own nature,and it is against Christ who died that you might live.To hate yourself is anti-Christ.To hate others ,is that also. To those of you who love our people as our ancestors meant for you to love us, may the God of our deliverance bless you in all things.Love is a strength that cannot be defeated,a gift that cannot be bought,and a feeling of kinship that cannot be denied.You are the keys to a future of peace, and you make the way out of no way. To those of you who hate, I say only this:you are wrong,and you cannot win.


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