I just wanted to give props to peeps in hip hop that haven't got caught up in the whole East vs. West b.s.. Shouts to L L Cool J, the Fugees, Tribe Called Quest and anyone else who can look past the boundries of where we all live....Davey and Coco props to yall for the idea

Chance aka (TOPDOGG)

I think that after losing 2 of the best rappers of all time that all the rappers still alive should come together and make peace. It was a big tragedy when 'Pac died as was when Biggie died. The last thing hip hop needs is more dead artists.


From: , SUZW85A@prodigy.com To: kingdave@sirius.com Why is it that the black males are think in that the way to gain respect is to disrespect females? please let me know?


Wuz up,
I wanna give a shoutout to all my peeps across the globe, DJ SoulClap, P, My man Mark Smalls, Claudio, the J man, Andre nappyhead, M&M and all the other true hip hop heads... iiight?? Then I wanna say, bring back the happiness in hip hop. The last 3-4 years, the happy mentality has vanished. Bring it back, and we're one step closer to achieve peace in the hip hop comunity.


Mista Rubbahneck

Black people have to come together. We have to start liking each other. We have so much to offer each other. When we do this, then we can offer it to other cultures. I started an Online Gear company called Problack. Our logo is dedicated to people of African descent. It represents unity and until Black People can show unity, we will never have anything. Peace and unity to the Black Race, Debi.

Pro Black

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