The Talent Is There But They Sound Rushed
Too Many Filler Songs
They Gotta Return To The Cutting Edge Of Hip Hop

After fiendin', hoping, and waiting for the return of one of hip hop's most revered acts Organized Konfusion.. It's a bit disappointing to see that they didn't bring with them on this new album The Equinox the same cutting edge, ground breakin' material they like they did on their first two lps.. In years past these guys dropped some deep verses on spirituality and God.. They dug deep in your mind about Stress and our emotional well being.. They show and proved that they could not only flow.. But would easily and skillfully dismantle any who dared to battle..

The Organized Konfusion I was left fiendin' for did songs like 'Open Your Eyes', 'Walk Into The Sunshine', 'Stress and Black Sunday'.. They always was a step ahead of the pack.. Unfortunately for them.. the politics of music never allowed them to get their just due.. I just knew when they dropped The Equinox, they would continue on that same path and retain their crown of being one of hip hop's true innovators.. Such is not the case this go 'round... And that's sad.. because I really am a huge Organized Konfusion fan.. I like these guys personally.. But the album leaves me disappointed because I expected so much more...

Here's the deal.. while Pharoahe and Prince come to the table with superb rhyme skills.. I feel that on many of their songs they rushed through them.. and they relied upon profanity a bit too much... It's like they fell into today's dismal times where everyone has to curse and sound hard.. This is not to say that they're sounding hard.. But just listen to all the well thought out messeges these guys were droppin' on their first two joints and you see them noticeably absent here... Where they are present, the clever, untouchable delivery is not there.. Organized was always intense and precise with their delivery.. It's not here on Equinox...In many ways I'm hoping that what I'm hearing has somehow gone over my head.. But I don't think so..

There's one song that I feel picks up where they left off and that's 'Questions'... Here the whole package is there.. The funky head bobbin' beat and the trademark call and response between the two emcees.. They're droppin' some heartfelt messeges about the state of hip hop and of course the intensity is there.. I was hoping OK would continue to build from that point.. That's where they left off on their last album... Tracks like 'Shugah Shorty', 'Numbers' and 'Inverto' come close to the old form...but I want more

Also noticeably absent were songs dealing with spirituality.. OK was always on the cutting edge with respect to that.. Go back and listen to Open Your Eyes or Black Sunday.. and you can see why one would hope and want to hear more.. They have a song on there called 'Sin' which is cool.. But I'll be honest I wanted them to take the religious songs to the next level.. I always felt those songs were filled with the spirit..

Really I hate to not be able to really pump Organized on this album.. I'm not sure if their material had been sitting for a while or if they had to play it safe and go for a sound and style that would garner then some sort of widespread success.. I can't really say.. But hip hop is at a point where they need some cutting edge material that Organized dropped in years past.. I honestly believe if they put out their first album right now.. it would blow up...Maybe some new b sides or some cool remixes will put these guys back in the drivers seat.. At the very least they should definitely release Questions as a single.. I will say this I did have a chance to see them perform during The Wake Up Show Tour... They are definitely hitting on that end... In '98 let's hope they bring it all together.

Reviewed By Davey D

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