New Releases For May 1998

5TH WARD BOYZPWA 77Rap-A-LotCRap/Southern
69 BOYZWoof Woof 132AtlanticB-Rap/Miami Bass
BIG PUNCapital Punishment LoudB+Rap/NY
BIG PUNDream Shatterer 95LoudB+Rap/NY
BIG PUNYou Ain't A Killer 85LoudBRap/NY
BIG PUNGlamour Life 91LoudB+Rap/NY
BIG PUNCapital Punishment 82LoudB+Rap/NY
BIG PUNBoomarang 92LoudB+Rap/NY
BIG PUNTres Leches 93LoudB+Rap/NY
BIG PUNCapital Punishment LoudB+Rap/NY
BIG PUNISHER w/Fat JoeTwins Deep Cover Ć98 92LoudA-Rap/NY
BLAC MONKSJungle Funk 90Rap-A-LotBRap/NY
BORED STIFFConspiracy Theory 90TripekBRap/Bay Area
BROUGHAMI Walked In 96ElektraB-Rap/NY
BUDDHA MONKGot's Like Come On Thru 83TVTBRap/NY
CAPPADONNADart Throwing 90EpicBRap/NY
CHARLI BALTIMOREMoney 100UnentertainmentB+Rap/NY
CHUMBAWAMBATubThumpin' 103UniversalB+Rap/Break Beats
CLIPSEGot Caught Dealin' 92East WestC+Rap/WC
CROOKED IDJs And MCs 94white labelBRap/WC
DAZ DILLINGERIt Might Sound Crazy 89Death RowB+Rap/WC
DIAMONDS IN DA ROUGHIt's Alright 95Roc-a-FellaB+Rap/NY
DJ SMURF w/ Shy DShake For Me 137East WestBRap/Miami Bass
DMFElohim 91AV8BRap/NY
DMXStop Being Greedy 100Def JamB+Rap/NY
DMXIntro 102Def JamBRap/NY
DMXFuck Wit D 101Def JamBRap/NY
DMXI Can feel 95Def JamBRap/NY
DMXI Can feel 95Def JamBRap/NY
DMXNiggas Gone Started 90Def JamBRap/NY
DMXHow's It Going 88Def JamBRap/NY
DO OR DIEStill Po' Pimpin' 75Rap-A-LotC+Rap/Southern
FAT CAT KAREEMFugazi 95Phase 4B+Rap/NY
FAT CAT KAREEMMoney Game 91Phase 4B+Rap/NY
GANG STARRItz A Set Up 89Noo TrybeA-Rap/NY
GANG STARRBI vs Friendship 86Noo TrybeA-Rap/NY
GANG STARRThe Militia 95Noo TrybeARap/NY
GANG STARRNext Time 89Noo TrybeB+Rap/NY
GANG STARRIn Memory Of 79Noo TrybeBRap/NY
GANG STARRThe Mall 86Noo TrybeB-Rap/NY
GANG STARRYou Know My Steez rmx 87Noo TrybeA-Rap/NY
GANG STARR w/ ScarfaceBetrayal 73Noo TrybeB+Rap/NY
GONZOEI Got It Made 91MenesB-Rap/WC
JAY-ZA Million And One Questions 90Def JamA-Rap/NY
JAYO w/ Method ManWhatcha Gonna Do 89Yab YumB+Rap/WC
JD w/ Jay-ZMoney Ain't A Thang 100SoSo DefBRap/NY
KA' NUTT50 gs 71RelativityCRap/Southern
KING TGot It Locked 94InterscopeBRap/WC
KINSUTha Hop 133BLUNTBRap/Miami Bass
KRAKENDusty Trails 98GoodvibeB-Rap/NY
LAURYN HILLLost Ones 91Ruff HouseA-Rap/NY
LIVING LEGENDSNever Miss It 83TripekB-Rap/Bay Area
LOXLet's Start Rap Over 87Bad BoyB-Rap/NY
MASELookin' At Me 91Bad BoyBRap/NY
MASSIVE B ALLSTARWeed For Life 100BluntB+Rap/Raggamuffin
MIC GERONIMOVendetta 94BluntBRap/NY
MIC VANDALZLove + Hate 87JiveC+Rap/NY
MIC VANDALZFeel The Rush 99JiveC+Rap/NY
MILITIAWho's The Next 93Red AntB+Rap/WC
MO THUGSMighty Mighty Warrior 85RelativityC+Rap/Southern
MO THUGSHeart Of It 68RelativityB-Rap/Southern
MYA w/ Dru HillIt's All About Me rmx 132InterscopeBRap/Miami Bass
MYSTICOK Alright 95TripekBRap/Bay Area
N-TYCEWe Came To Party 102ColumbiaA-Rap/NY
NATE DOGGNobody Can Do It Better 89IslandB+Rap/WC
NATE DOGGDogg Pound Gangstaville 90IslandA-Rap/WC
ONYXReact 109Def jamB+Rap/NY
PARISFair Weather Friends 86UnleashedBRap/Bay Area
PAULA PERRYDown To Die For This 94MotownBRap/NY
PRESSURE DROPSilently Bad Minded 82WorkC+Rap/Alternative
PRESSURE DROPSilently Bad Minded 126WorkB-Rap/Alternative
PUBLIC ENEMYWhat You Need Is Jesus 94Def JamA-Rap/NY
PUBLIC ENEMYRevelation 331/2... 94Def JamB+Rap/NY
PUBLIC ENEMYGame Face 96Def JamB+Rap/NY
PUBLIC ENEMYPolitics Of The Sneaker Pimps 92Def JamA-Rap/NY
PUBLIC ENEMYHe's Got Game 96Def JamA-Rap/NY
PUBLIC ENEMYResurrection 89Def JamBRap/NY
PUBLIC ENEMY House Of The Rising Son 103Def JamARap/NY
PUBLIC ENEMYResurrection 89Def JamA-Rap/NY
PUBLIC ENEMYHe Got Game 95Def JamA-Rap/NY
PUBLIC ENEMY w/ KRS-OneUnstoppable 90Def JamARap/NY
QUEEN LATIFAHBananas 89MotownA-Rap/NY
QUEEN LATIFAHGet Off Minez 95MotownBRap/NY
QUEEN LATIFAHName Callin' Pt2 95MotownARap/NY
RAS KASSUnderstandable Smooth 94Patch WerkB+Rap/WC
RAS KASSThe Music Of Business 87Patch WerkBRap/WC
ROYAL FLUSHCan't Help It 88BluntB-Rap/NY
ROYAL FLUSH What A Shame 94BluntBRap/NY
SCARFACE Southside 82Rap-A-LotB+Rap/Southern
SCARFACE Southside 82Rap-A-LotB+Rap/Southern
SCARFACE w/ menaceMenace Nigga 94Rap-a-LotBRap/Southern
SCARFACE w/ Too ShortFuck Faces 81Rap-A-LotBRap/Southern
SCARFACE w/ Too ShortSex Faces 81Rap-A-LotBRap/Southern
SIAMESEMusical Chairs 91EpicA-Rap/NY
SILENT ONESThey Want Me Dead 94RidiculousB-Rap/NY
SUNZ OF MANShining Star 97Wu-TangA-Rap/NY
THA DOGG POUNDKnick Knack Patty Wack 92PrioriityA-Rap/WC
THREE 6 MAFIALate Nite Tip 60RelativityCRap/Southern
THREE 6 MAFIAHit ĆEm 79RelativityC-Rap/Southern
WITCH DOCTORHoliday 88InterscopeB-Rap/Southern
YOUNGBLOODZShakem' Off 89La FaceB-Rap/Southern


NY=New York style Hip Hip, WC=West Coast Hip Hop
BA=Bay Area Hip Hop, MB=Miami Bass,
=Southern style Hip Hop Mid=midwest style Hip Hop
=raggamuffin style Hip Hop

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