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August 6 '98


Props go out to Master P. He's just hooked up with actor/director Forrest Whitaker to do a movie called 'Takedown'.. The film centers around the exploits of a computer hacker. Also P has just dropped another single.. called 'Goodbye To My Homies' which is a spin off from the Boys II Men classic ' It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday'...

Speaking of Master P.. I ran into some fellow djs who offered up this observation/criticism of Master P.. They claim that P has biting other rapper's styles. Right now he's riding off of 2Pac's delivery.. They claim that if you listen to P you'll hear all sorts of 2Pac influence in terms of style and intonations. It was pointed out that earlier in his career Master P tried to sound like Scarface.. Has anyone else noticed that? I knew P had some 2Pac influences.. but then again a lot of Bay Area rappers have that type of delivery. I don't know, I think everyone is influenced by someone.. I remember when everyone tried to sound like Mele-Mel of Grandmaster Flash.. Later everyone wanted to be like Rakim, Chuck D, LL and Das EFX.. It's only natural..Just out of curiosity what rappers have you noticed everyone trying to style themselves after? Hit me at kingdave@sirius.com

written by
Davey D

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