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LL vs Cannibus

Hey Dog, you said that you thought LL would wax canibus. No offense, but have you listened to either one's lyrics lately. LL may have been dope waaaaaaaaay back in the day, but his time came and went, that's why he has to do all that bullshit r&b.

I've seen canibus 3 times and he is the illest lyricest i've ever heard. I know this is just my opinion, but i've been listening to hiphip for 15 yrs and I know a great rapper when i hear one. The last time I saw canibus he ripped a few songs then cut the music and just freestyled for like 20 minutes. It was the most incredible thing i ever heard. Comparing LL and Canibus is kinda laughable, cause LL's skills have fallen off. I guarantee you LL will never stepup and battle Canibus because he knows the end result, annihilation. as you can tell, i'm a huge canibus fan, but i'm still objective. Listen to LL's new shit, NO SKILLS. yo, the website's tight.

Carlos Fletes

I thought that Cannibus was in LL's video along with Master P. Isn't he the one with the football gear? Also, what is the deal with Cannibus and the "I'm so and so-I'm this, I'm that" attitude? Being the Def Squad fan that I am, I think Redman would destroy Cannibus on the mic. Battle rap is kool, but can he talk about something else?

Thanks for the good info on the regular,

LL Cool J is one of the few pioneers left from an earlier era os hip hop. He's also remained pretty consistent wit his style over the years. For both of these reasons, he gets mad respect. But, superstar status aside, he would get roasted battlin' Canibus. Canibus is hungry, damn near fresh off the street, LL's been comfortable wit his stuff for a while. Canibus would beat the Fubu gear off his back. Hands down.

Just my opinion.

Hip Hop In San Diego

What's goin' down Davey D..

.My name is Brad Johnson (Twisted). I gotta give mad props out on ya web-page. Itz truly off the hook...I feel your knowledge in Hip-Hop is superior and give you the up-most respect in this game. We're on the same level about a lot of issues surounding hip-hop. I remember reading your article in the 4080 magazine about East vs. West and that whole mess. I agree with you fully on everything you had 2 say.

I live here in San Diego, Ca and we still haven't been put on the map. Only Jayo Felony has put it down nationwide and he really hasn't made much noise. I wanna know if you've heard of a kat named "Black Mikey", Dark Poets Society, and Filtered Souls. Mikey, I feel is going ta set it off in the near future. He's got mad lyrical skills and delivery and the loops are laced nicely. I belive his LP will be release later this year.

I enjoy Bay Area hip-hop the best and have known about yourself for some while now. I've just been startin' ta hit up ya web-page. It's my bad for leaving you this long message because i know your a busy man. But i had ta drop a few lines and give you love...and keep up what u doing g. If u have time by chance, tell me what's up i'd appreciate it. Good Look'n Out Davey. Peace and One Luv

Brad Johnson "Twisted


The State Of Hip Hop

Man, this hip-hop shit is funny. Everybody has a take on it and it's invariably different from the next. That's the joy of it, but that is also the perturbing thing, because it seems as though hip-hop as a whole lacks drive and vision. The only thing we can agree on is that we want to get crazy paid. We can't even agree on how to do that, and to be honest I really don't think we know how. You can't just say I'm about the business and I'm going to start x,y,z company and my boy is going to be the manager and not know the science of business, marketing, accounting, profit/loss etc. It seems we may be confined to being artists pimped by a major label forever. Why do I say this, because no one seems to be making any power moves. We have all these small fledgling so called independent labels, but who is the distributor. You still have to pander to the majors to get our stuff in stores nationwide.

So you have an artist on his own label, say homeslice records which is under scud missile records which is under hotspot which is distributed by Interscope which is part of Priority. That's a long way for the money to trickle down. and as you know the more middle men, the smaller the cut. (Most artists are getting less than a dollar for each record they sell.) THen they have these huge budgets, they spend up all the money from their advances on rolexes, cars and jewels, unaware that all the money for sales has to pay for that 500 000 dollar video. Now if the record doesn't blow, oh well, it was fun, I hope you have a large savings account and a great investor because like Craig Mack said, you won't be around next year. Creatively you have a situation where the best artists aren't even signed and you can't get a deal unless Wyclef is your man or Mary J. Blige brings your tape to Puffy etc. A & Rs don't do anything except try to get their own boys on.

Basically this game really stinks, we're in a creative slump and are pretty complacent for not having acheived jack. Big deal, Fresh Prince got another grammy this year. It's like we've regressed and we're right back in 1985. They didn't even show the best rap album grammy on TV and I didn't even want to see it because c'mon, was Puffy's album the best of 1997. They should have at least given it to Biggie. Don't let me get in this rap game, cause it'll be like an earthquake. Disillusioned!

C-BO and Hip Hop In Chi-Town

I still remember the day one of my homies told me to pick up "Gas Chamber"
at a tiny record store in Des Moines.  I'd never heard of C-Bo before, but
he had what I felt were some of the tightest, most well constructed gangsta
raps that I had ever heard.  I always give the man nuff respect for his
original style.

I think the fact they locked him up is a joke.  Any parole agreement which
limits his freedom of speech should be and hopefully WILL be thrown out in
court as unconstitutional.  If it was a LAW and not an agreement, it
already woulda been.  C-Bo's lawyers and/or the ACLU need to fight this to
the death.  It's just wrong.

I just got back from a show at the Metro in Chicago.  It's not a joke when
I say I risked life and limb for this one -- my whole drive back the
interstates were lined with ditched cars; we had over sixteen inches of
snowfall AND forty mile per hour winds.  Was it worth it?  HELL YES.  All
Natural, Common, Mos Def, Talib Kweli (Reflection Eternal), Mood, DJ Hi-Tek
(for Mood and Talib Kweli), Black Girl Named Betty (Common's band) and SO
MANY more people all on one hip-hop nonstop motherfuckin PARTY.  Luke never
raised a roof like this.
The venue was full of hungry hip-hop heads STARVING for a plate of Soul Food.
We screamed, we jumped, we yelled, we shouted the lyrics along word for
word for everything from Kweli's "Manifesto" to Common's "Soul By the
Pound".  It was an amazing hip-hop experience and TOTALLY non violent;
nobody died and nobody got shot.  Black and white and asian and hispanic
all came together under one roof for a transcendant experience and it was
ALL good.  Tell your newsletter readers that hip-hop still lives in the
Windy City; and real hip-hop can sell out a venue without all the guns and
drugs and negativity.  It's real.

Peace and prosperity to you and thanks for another excellent newsletter.

Steve 'Flash' Juon  --> dj.flash or hip-hop@pobox.com

Hi! My name is Dawn, and I am emailing you you from Illadelphia, PA. When I received yesterday's update ( 03/06/98) and you were discussing Dj Cash Money. Man I was wondering what happened to him, that's messed up that none of the local ststions out here, are showing him any love. I have never listened to the Wake-Up show out here? Does it still come on WUSL? If so when & what time?

I'm 23, so back in the late 80's we had a lot of rap acts; Schoolly D, only really had one hit PssK, What does it mean? , he now is a d.j. at this hole in the wall club, called the Felton. Yvette-Money, who answered back to L.L.'s "Dear Yvette" She also does some dj work, on a new rap/ r&b station. Now I don't know how much East Coast Music , you got to hear out there on the "Left Coast"( Ha- Ha) How about Steady-B, Cool C & the Hilltop Hustlers.

Well, Steady did a couple of songs that were small hits, I'm Serious ( with) KRS-One, Goin Steady, and Cool-C 's only hit song "The Glamours Life" Well about 2 years ago, they were out and about in Philly robbing banks. When the two of them and another friend, were confronted my a female police officer, trying to get out of the bank, well they shot her down in cold blood. The only & first woman cop in Philadelphia's History to be killed in the line of duty. I know cops are this & that , but damn she was a woman, someone's daughter, and mother . This was probally the only job, she could get that's was offering benefits, and a somewhat decent pay. Well, the 3 of them did get caught and are spending life in jail.

One last group, How about 3xDope, had a few hit songs that got some video airplay on Mtv Raps, and Rap City, "The Greatest Man Alive" "Funky Dividnds" well the leader of the group EST is back to hanging in his old Hunting Park Hood, getting High (Weed) and hustlin right on 8th St.

I have been a true Hip-Hop fan since 1989, when I was a freshman in High School. You ask How do I know so much, I love Hip- Hop, and always listen to it, and read about it. I was just recently out to the Left Coast, in October, my old job had sent me out there to train some people in our plant in Ontario, Ca. When I was out there, I felt some type of way towards everyone, because someone, out there (CA) killed Biggie. To my surprise every station I turned to The Beat, & Power 106 had Biggie, so here I am whipping on the Freeway (10 or 15) the NYC way, cause if you ever been to New York, and drove you should know exactly what he's talking about. Grooving to Going Back to Cali! (more on that story later)

Untill next time, dawn

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