Letter To The Editor March 23 1998


Rappers are now lip-synching Davey...abandon ship! abandon ship!...change your website to a bebop page in lieu of hip hop immediately...folks settle for so little these days, don't they?

Gill Alexander/ KMEL

I read your newsletter tonight! I must of listened to 5 different Rakim songs today from all different albums and then to hear that he didn't put on a live show instead "entertained" really has me baffled... I know getting paid is a key factor in hip-hop today, but with rakim I always thought getting paid was to mean getting respect from the tone of his voice and how he had peoples hands moving side to side. *really confused at the thought*.

Thanks for keeping me informed as always.
Steve aka Quest
Fusion Of The 5 Elementz

Yo Dave,

I went to see Rakim in Denver recently. I was right up next to the stage gettin' props from tha brotha, and i noticed that he wasn't even attempting to mouth the words...for the rest of the show i witnessed Rakim lip synch his way through the whole show...i was really dissapointed that he was coming off like that. I don't think that it would be too unreasonable to actually perform for us paying hip-hop heads. That is just me...



Rakim pulled that same bullshit here in Washington,DC. As bonifide Hip Hop Junkies, my friends and I embarked on what was supposed to be a journey through Hip-Hop. As we arrived to the club, my Cousin's group, Opus Akoben, were performing....ripping shit up. Shortly after their performance, Rakim's show began....The same exact whack shit he did in your town, he did in DC.

Everybody was upset! In fact, I left lllllooooonnnnnnggggg before he finished his set. Rakim should've put foot in his own ass for that performance.

D.J. D'Salaam, CEO Urban Intalek Recordings
(24 track automated recording studio)

I just can't believe Ra would lip synch. I mean why? Why would he do it? If he wasn't sick or hoarse or something of that nature, then there is no excuse. Your going to heaven analogy was on point. I'm utterly astounded. As an aspiring emcee who resides in San Antonio Texas where it's almost impossible to get a gig unless you sound like Master P and Lil Keke, I fully appreciate the audience and always do my best to impress. I go out into the crowd, I let other kids have little freestyle cessions, I individualize each performance and kick a freestyle over an instrumental to somebody's favorite song (most recently, "Make em Say Ungh" by P). I can't believe the most heralded rapper ever would lip synch. That's very disappointing.

Johnny Compton
Unreal aka Sephiroth

I have been a Hip Hop fan since 1984, and used to enjoy the old Eric B & Rakim albums. I was really hyped last year when the Rakim lp, I really enjoy it and is one of my favourites from 96, I bought the cd which included the second cd of old skool cuts. I have to say I am totally disappointed in Rakim when I read your review on his show in San Francisco in that he was lip synching I would say an awful lot of heads both here in Ireland and the UK Europe and the rest of the world will be totally disappointed.

A disappointed rap fan

that what you wrote on rakim, the fact that he was lipsingin', is wack. i think it's a shame that an emcee of his calliber is going out to do his show in this manner. I saw LL do the same when he was performing here in Holland; we had to pay hella lot of money to get in and then the show was 30 minutes of LL lipsingin'.

Laters, BAS.
p.s.:yo newsletter is phat kid!!!

I can't beleive what I'm hearin, but Rakim has been leavin me with doubts since he never showed up for a gig in Toronto and left the crowd payin 35 Canadian dollars for a talent show. Eric B. and Rakim were one of the first hiphop acts to grab me and tell me "Hey, this shit is for real.....I really love this music...." but lip synchin? Look what happened to Milli Vanilli. The sad thing is, that Rakim CAN rock a crowd, and why he wasn't doing that in Oaktown I dunno. All I know is that if I noticed him up there lip synchin over a DAP, I wouldn't be bouncin. Except out of the club. Hip hop today has left it's roots of pure entertainment and ventured into a self destructive commercial popularity battle. It is sad. At one point I was sure that hiphop, the way I know it, would never die. It is like a sick child right now, and hopefully acts like Gangstarr and Public Enemy will be the flu shot in the arm that the culture most definately needs right now. Thanks for the insight Dave. Peace from Canada.

Dan Olynyk

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