A Funky Album With Some Unique Hip Hop Flava
Headz Will Be Appreciate This Adventurous Piece Of Work

Latyrx is the name taken by rappers Lateef and Lyrics Born... They are two of the Bay Area's most gifted emcees [oakland to be exact].. Actually let me not limited there.. They are among the most gifted in all of hip hop...Part of the infamous Soleside Crew, there is no doubt these brothers can freestyle and hold their own against any emcee.. Like fellow west coast acts like Souls Of Mischief, The Whoridas, Mystic Journeymen, Rasco, Del and Spice 1 to name a few, they shatter that whole myth about Bay Area artists not being able to flow.. Make no mistake Latyrx get off.. And on every song on this power packed lp they prove that...

Now the question is whether or not their debut lp is good.. Does it hit? Well musically speaking.. It's a work of art.. Long time producers Chief Xcel and Dj Shadow bring an adventurous spirit to this project... These guys bring some heavy funk beats that literally come alive as you listen.. In many of the songs the beats stop and change tempo...There seems to be a lot going on over the thumping drum beats and driving basslines... In other words you're not gonna be able to just listen and nod off.. But not once will you stop bouncing your head.. cause these guys are off the hook..and the beats consistently bump..

Standout songs include..Burnt Pride, Latyrx which was actually one of their first singles, Say That and Rankin' #1.. This is a good album.. Latyrx represent a whole new breed of hip hop that is trying some new and improved stuff.. No you're not gonna hear a more bounce to the ounce sample being looped while these guys rap about how many 'hos' they screwed...Nor will you hear them remaking a popular tune and rappin' about how many kids they shot.. This is definitely an album that you'll have to sit back and get into.. Once you do you'll be there and come away with a much deeper appreciation for emcees who try to move hip hop to a whole other level.. Definitely buy this one...

Reviewed By Davey D

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