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first off im glad to see people haten puffy. it sounds mean but i personally think he is the wackest thing to happen to H.I.P.H.O.P. since mc hammer. i also think that bad boy died along wit biggie. i was extremely pleased to see big pun make the rookie of the year list but of course it was behind missy who i also think will never do anything good for H.I.P.H.O.P. to me the Roots should have been the best performers cause they r the realest group out wit the most talent, then followed by krs, wu, and def squad. the most dissapointing was i would say the best catagorie cause all the stuff on there maybe except krs cause i luved his new album should have been. i don't see how people can be sick of or think that master p is wack, i luv tru and all no limit stuff. what u have to do wit them is listen to it a couple times wit a open mind and u will start to feel it cause i didn't like em till this summer.

i was sooooo surprised to see common get best hip-hop artist but it was well deserved. i think bone thugs should have been taken off any lists that ment good cause r basically wack now that lost the thug. i don't think that put your hands where my eyes can see should have even made the best song list none the less #1. there were alot of songs slept on espically by wyclef. i luv biggie i think his 1st album was 1 of the dopest albums of all time but his new 1 wasn't the best of the year, i fully feel that wyclef should have gotten it cause in years the carnival will be labeled a hip-hop classic. i thought it was great to see that some people voted for mad skilz for best freestyler, even though ive never herd him freestyle his album is so phat that it amaizes me he was slept on too. the most slept on artist(s) for your poll i think was wyclef followed up by all of no limit just ta let u know. i might have critized alot but i luved you poll so make sure u keep it goin. just ta tell u i didn't vote for myself for best freestyler, i voted for my boy Sime even though i do.

Well there isnt that much that can be commented on since its the listeners who voted on the songs. Its obvious that more well known artists will get more votes in each topic since, hey they are more well known. I know this is opinionative but many of my favorite songs personally this year were not listed, I guess due to the fact - people never heard them. Some tracks that blew my mind were Siahs Repetition and Pyriate, Boogiemonsters Behold a pale white horse, and Indelible Mc's/Co Flow/Juggaknots/J-Treds/whatever else is envolved - Fire In Which You Burn.

Its funny how the favorite artists showed up in the least favorite categories as well... I guess when someone gets really big sides tend to fall far to either a positive or negative side and not much stands in the middle. You dont hear many people say "I think master P is average". Hmmm Im far on that negative side but thats for many reasons, musically and the topic of the music. With Puffy, well I just dont like the music really, actually its not even the music itself, Puffy well he bores me I guess, plus I dont like his voice, and the lyrics are just blah, same old same old, he's not getting me anywhere, its not like listening to Krs-One and he is trying to educate the masses or like when Siah and Yeshua brought us on their journey. Its just - I have money, you dont, shake your ass, blah blah blah. I respect him for being a brilliant business man but the music, its not my taste. Hmm just scrolling threw some other things here...

Oh yeah the rookie of the year thing - I found this kinda funny since some of these kids have been around for a while now (Company Flow dropped the Funcrusher EP in 1993 or 94). Xzibit's album also came out in 96 and he appeared on the second liks album also, I guess that wasnt much though. I found it also funny to see Latryx since Latryx is the name of the album and there is not actual group called Latyrx, its just Lateef and Lyrics Born. Oh hehe congrats on top site - you knew they were going to vote for you though. Nice to see Common got respect as top artist, I found the album to be extremely mature and very positive, staying away from the norm of what most hiphop and music in general deals with today. Good to see someone taking responsibility. Hmm no suprise Wu-Tang won top group, I voted Organized Konfusion myself but they have been always slept on so its no suprise. When I first heard about the Equinox and the ideas behind it I couldnt wait to hear it - I was dissapointed but I found the year in general was dissapointing, so I went with them, Company Flow a close 2nd though their album was full of already released material much like Krs-One - which I also did enjoy. Those 3 albums should have, or at least could have been amazing, perhaps on the level of illadelhalflife or some other nice albums. Oh yeah I would have probably went with Latryx but I think its 96 - maybe im wrong. Anyways its late, I have to go,

oh yeah one more thing - Raptures Delight was definatly the best hiphop video - the video was hiphop, no foolish special effects gimicks, no half naked women, no morons running from the police ala mystikal, and nobody doing other foolish things they would never do (throwing money away). Straight up hiphop - well at least Krs is still trying... Anyways im out

Andrew Noonan

Greetings Davey:

I hope all is well with you. Love your website!

I would like to begin by saying that I don't believe that most people who voted Puffy the 'Wackest Artist for '97' are necessarily jealous of him. Speaking for myself, I can definitely say that I am not jealous of him.

In my personal opinion, it isn't his success that makes people dislike him. He has an aura about him that reeks of arrogance, not self assurance, not high self esteem....sheer arrogance. I don't hate him. I would have to know him on a personal level to make that determination.

Since the beginning of this art form, artists have sampled beats. However, the "Coming of Puff Daddy" has misused other artists' original material and totally bastardized it. It's nice every once in a while to hear an old song sound almost like its original...but let's be realistic here...there is absolutely zero creativity in what he has done and continues to do. Yes, he has earned a sizable amount of assets using (not creating) music...but does not earn my respect for having done that.

It is just a shame that MC's with true talent don't make a lot of money doing making records. Not everyone is as willing to sell their soul for Lexuses, Dolce & Gabbana or Versace outfits and Rolex watches. That's the doggone problem this very day. People like Puffy Combs flaunt items like that on CD's and in music videos. He says he just wants to make party music. That's all well and good. My problem with him is that young people in urban (as well as rural) areas are -- more likely than not -- unable to afford those things referred to in his songs.

I am aware of the fact that many artists, past/present/living/deceased have touched on the same issues in their records. We don't know why Biggie is no longer here. (RIP). But I'm sure making records about the 'finer' things in life didn't help his life span one iota. We know that a lot of people get jealous of people when they are financially secure. I suppose it's human nature (God forbid...). My point is when your lyrics only reflect material possessions rather that true intellectualism, awareness and social consciousness, then someone is going to set out to cut you off at the knees. That is unfortunate and the madness needs to cease. I would have respect for Puffy and any of his counterparts if their lyrics reflected things that could actually nourish young peoples' minds. Instead, their music is just garbage; recycled beats with no substance. Folks better wake up.

Instead of bumping Bad Boy tracks, bump some Rakim. Someone who realizes the magnitude by which a generation can be touched. Someone with a sense of consciousness, spiritual strength and inner peace. Rakim's music is food for the soul. I honestly believe that consumers want something like this. Too bad you wouldn't know it by looking at the Billboard charts each week. Hopefully people will get sick of it soon. Eventually, the music-buying public will see Sean Combs for what he truly is in the music industry. He is a fungus that continues to mutate...there is a cure...stop buying wack records with over- sampled beats. (Especially when Sting begins to pop up on BET...I shudder at the thought...)

** I don't state these views out of malice. It is the truth. Voters obviously share some of the same sentiments. **

**I love hip-hop. Just not wack artists or record company executives who don't care what their artists say as long as they can pocket a quick buck.**

Nicole Saddler

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