A Great Concept
Off The Hook..Great Remakes

I've been talking about this album, 'In Tha Beginning There Was Rap' for months now.. and long last it's finally out and ready to be enjoyed by the masses... Basically what you have is some of today's hottest artists re-rapping some of hip hop's classic jams.. Everyone from the Wu-Tang Clan to Master P is on board this project, remaking everything from Run DMC's 'Sucker MCs' to Ice T's '6 In The Morning'...The results are astonishing...The fact that folks are now re-making rap songs is an indication that hip hop has come a long long ways.. It's no longer a music trend that's gonna disappear overnight.. Instead it proves that rap is a strong and vital music form that is rich and diverse like any other music genre..

The first time I ever heard a hip hop song remade was when The Snap took hold of Eric B and Rakim's 'I Know You Got Soul' and dropped an acid jazz like rendition of the track.. A whole lot of folks weren't aware of that track.. Years later Snoop Dog came out and redid the Slick Rick classic 'La Di Da Di'.. At first a whole lot of folks were critical.. They accused Snoop of being un-original and nothing more than a biter... For some reason there were hip hop 'purist' who didn't see Snoop attempting to pay tribute to a great rap artist... Now they do...and that's what 'In Tha Beginning' is about the ultimate tribute...

This album has some dope stuff on here that in itself will go on to be a classic.. For example, Eric Sermon, Redman and Keith Murray collectively known as the Def Squad got real busy remaking the Sugar Hill Gang classic 'Rapper's Delight'.. while at the same time Tha Dogg Pound got busy freakin' EMPD's classic 'Knick Knack Patty Wack'.. Cypress Hill pays tribute to KRS-One by redoing 'Still # 1' and The Roots get down on Doug E Fresh's 'The Show'.. My personal favorites are Sean Puffy Combs, who is no stranger to remaking songs, remake of LL Cool J's 'Big Ole Butt'...and also Mack 10's 'Dopeman'...which was originally done by NWA...

All hip hop fans will find at least a few cuts on this landmark album to appreciate.. Props to Violet Brown and Andrew Shack for the concept and props out to all the artists for taking time out and paying tribute while at the same time putting a little bit of their own flava in these hip hop classics...

Reviewed By Davey D


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