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Hip Hop Activist...APRIL 2003 VOL I Issue 1

Endless Fake Terror Alerts:
Fear Based Mind Control
By Paris and Paul Joseph Watson

Hip Hop artist Paris explains how the American public is being scared into submission by these constant 'Terror Alerts'.

I Love Hip Hop &
Support the Dixie Chicks

by Davey D

A lot of folks have been trying to hate on the Dixie Chicks and act like they are traitors to the country... Well I was one fan who didn't rush out and burn their CD...They represented for a number of people when they spoke out!

Why The Media Won't Cover Anti-War Protest?
by Keith Boykin of Keith Boykin.com
I Used to Love Her Iraq & the US pt 1
by Morpheus of playahata.com
The Spice Must Flow Iraq & the US pt 2
by Morpheus of playahata.com
Beyond a Ludacris Victory
by Sofía Quintero of urbanthinktank.com
-What's the real deal behind the Ludacris and Pepsi controversy?-

The Future of Hip Hop
by Jesse Thompson

A Discussion w/ KCRW Radio DJ Garth Trinidad and Pierre Bennu-author of the article 'Fuck Hip Hop'

Peaceful Regime
Change in 2004

by Ferai Chideya

Al Sharpton vs the Democrats
by Thulani Davis, c/o The Village Voice

Democratic Power brokers fear him...Black Folks love him.. How much power does Al Sharpton really yield?

An Open Letter to NBC's
Tim Russert

by Cedric Muhammed

Why Did Tim Russert Punk Out when he interviewed
Vice President Dick Cheney

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