Hip Hop News
July 5 '98


Bay Area rap star Richie Rich made newspaper headlines last week. He apparently just released a collection of songs. I unfortunately haven't heard them yet. However, Rich made the news because of his album release party at Oakland's Diamond Park. According to the newspaper accounts, some one from Richie's record label reserved a picnic area for '50' people. The normally quiet park became host to a crowd of more then 800 kids who not only blocked traffic but also got unruly. It took the police more then 6 hours to disperse the crowd who at one point threw rocks and bottles at the cops and then looted the local Safeway supermarket.

The local MEDIA described a chaotic scene with rap music as the culprit. A conversation with Oakland Police noted that the album release was thrown by AWOL Records which has been home to controversial rap star C-Bo. For those who don't know C-Bo is the guy who went to jail for recording a 'gangsta' rap album in violation of his parole. With all that information at hand, the question becomes how did Richie Rich a Def Jam recording artists wind up be the center of an album release party thrown by AWOL records. According to people within Richie's camp, the rap star wasn't even in town during this event. Well keep you posted as we attempt to get to the bottom of this...
written by
Davey D

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