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July 25 '98


LL Cool J and Jay-Z have announced that they're getting ready to retire. Now, before all you Canibus fans heat up on me and say LL is retiring because he couldn't handle Canibus and Wyclef coming for him, let me say that's not the reason behind his retirement. LL wants to focus on his acting career. I still think if he and Canibus had gone head up.. LL would've eatin' him alive..but such a match up seems unlikely to happen. FYI-LL will be featured in the new movie H20 which is the 20th anniversary film of the Halloween series.. LL will play a character named Ronnie Jones who is an aspiring writer and security guard. I'm told that we'll see LL without a hat.

LL is also supposed to be hooking up with actor Samuel L Jackson for an adventure film called 'Deep Blue Sea'. Here LL will play the role of a scientist named Dudley who is part of a team that is forced to battle genetically enhanced sharks off the coast of Mexico. He starts filming next month. So I guess LL is gonna stop battling Canibus and start battling Will Smith :)

Jay-Z is also retiring because he wants to borrow a page out of Master P's book.. He wants to concentrate on being the CEO of his Roc-A-Fella record label. What's funny about this was Jay-Z said his previous album would be his last album Jay-Z is getting ready to drop what will be his last album 'In My Lifetime Volume 2'. The album should drop in September and will feature production from DJ Premiere and Timbaland. You can expect to hear DMX on the project along with up and coming crooners Memphis Bleek.

written by
Davey D

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