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July 9 '98


Queen Latifah has been blowing up the spot. First she's set to drop her new album 'Order In The Court' I just finished listening to it. She's my girl and I love her to death.. But this album is not one for the headz.. It's more on the R&B tip. People forget that Latifah can sing. She does that very well on this album. When she first dropped rugged songs like 'Bananas' and 'Name Calling Part 2'.. I thought the Queen was gonna drop an album that was along those lines-rugged and raw. I thought she was gonna return to the days of 'All Hail The Queen'. Instead she returned to an album that was more in line with her previous album 'Black Reign'

On this album you'll find tracks like 'Turn You On', and 'Paper' which are remakes of classic R&B/soul songs. 'Turn You On' is a remake of the classic jam by songstress Cherelle. Paper is a hip hop remake of 'Heard It Through The Grapevine'.. There are some cool tracks on the hip hop tip like 'Parlay' which features newcomer Le Fem Markita and 'Brownsville' which features the beat from Malcolm McClaren's 'World Famous Supreme Show'. It also features rap star Nikki D and newcomers Scarlet. Another dope track is 'Life' which basically pays tribute to 2Pac and Notorious BIG.

Overall Queen Latifah's album is introspect and laid back.. It marks new growth for the Queen.. But as I said don't expect all the rough and rugged type of stuff which was implied by her earlier singles.. The Queen still got her skillz in tact.. I just think she's reaching for new ground.

In other news Latifah is featured on the cover of the new Source Magazine where she answers those nagging questions surrounding her sexuality. For the longest time she's been plagued with rumors about being gay. Things intensified when she did the movie 'Set It Off' and played the role of Cleo, who was a lesbian. The Queen sets it off again by noting that she's quite comfortable with her sexuality. She says she enjoys that fact that people are wondering and hence she'll never reveal what her true preferences are. She says she's gonna take this to her grave.. Further more it ain't nobody's business who she sleeps with.. Props to the Queen for telling people to step off.

Finally, look for the Queen to be on tour..She was just added to the all female Lilith Tour. She won't go the entire route but if you happen to be back east and in certain cities in the South you can catch her. She's also set to do another movie. This one is called 'Living Out Loud' and guess who's in it? Danny Devito! I tell you that guy loves hip hop.. The Queen is also gonna be joining Oprah early next year.. She'll be doing her own daytime talk show and last but not least she'll be kickin' it with Terry McMillan when she publishes a book she just penned on self-esteem.

written by
Davey D

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