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July 5 '98


The Bay Area was blessed this weekend with the presence of Dilated Peoples, Defari, Planet Asia and the Bay Area's Rasco who did a 4th of July Show for the Bay Area Hip Hop Coalition. It took place at a club called The Justice League.. and all sorts of folks showed up and helped packed the house. Defari who just signed a deal with Tommy Boy is a graduate of UC Berkeley.. [my Alma mater]. It was his first Bay Area appearance since he graduated.. Dilated People's have been blowing up with their cuts 'Work The Angles' and 'Main Event'.. Rasco of course is a Bay Area favorite.. The show went well as everyone wrecked shop and displayed true emcee skillz..

The highlight of the night occurred during Dilated People's set. Some kid came through the place and told the front door security that he was performing, so they let him in.. He rolls through the crowd and tells the back stage folks he was one of the performers.. So they let him backstage.. He then walks on stage while Rocca and Evidence are getting busy and grabs Rocca's microphone. To say the least, people are caught off guard.. The kid then starts spouting some rhetoric about how Dilated People's is wack and they need to step off stage.. Mind you the whole crowd up to this point was totally into DP's very hype show...

To make a long story short the kid is tossed off stage..But he's still causing a ruckus in the crowd.. So Rocca invites the kid back on stage.. He hands him a mic and tells him to get busy.. This looks to be like a good ole emcee battle.. Before the kid gets busy.. He gives this speech about how an emcee is supposed to be like a lion breaking out of a cage.. and how one has got to always be hungry.. and always ready to wreck shop.. The beat drops and the kid starts flowing.. The crowd is not feeling him.. and in unison, they start chanting 'Get off the mic, Get off the mic'. So in a sign of professionalism and good sportsman like conduct the kid throws the mic down and leaves the stage as the crowd cheers on.. Dilated People's goes back to rockin' the house.

After the set, Rocca steps to the kid to let him know he didn't appreciate him bum-rushing the stage..The kid goes on and on about how he to do what he's gotta do.. What that kid needed to d was tell everyone his name.. The whole time he was on stage he never told us his emcee name.. So while he brought a considerable amount of attention to himself..No one knows who the hell he was..

written by
Davey D

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