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December 21 1997

*THE PUFFY CONCERT IN SAN JOSe [Where was Jay-Z & Foxy Brown]

What's up Everybody...

First thing I wanna do is wish everyone who has rolled through Davey D's Hip Hop Corner [] and everyone who has subscribed to this newsletter...A Happy Holiday Season.. that includes Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza, Winter Solstice and anything else I may have forgotten...

The second thing I want to do is remind folks to please submit their end of the year ballots for the Hip Hop Awards...The deadline is this Saturday the 27th of December....If you haven't gotten a ballot you can fill one out on the site [] or you can email me back at and I'll send you a form.... The results will be posted the first week in January...

Now onto the Hip Hop news... The biggest buzz around town... was the Puff Daddy World Tour which took place last Thursday [December 17th] at the San Jose Arena.. It was Puffy's first trip to the Bay Area since the death of Biggie...and his security was tight.. He came to town flanked by 8 uniformed SJ Police officers.. He had his own security.. Metal detectors were everywhere.. He went straight from the plane to the arena.. When he rolled through backstage..everything was shut down and most folks were asked to vacate the premises.. I completely understand the tight security..and all the precautions.. First of all, folks have to remember the Bay Area was home to 2Pac... The wounds have not completely healed and a whole lot of kids out here ain't really feeling Puff... The word around town is that a contract had been taken out on him...and there have been numerous death threats.. I gotta give him props for coming to town and performing.. Puff does have a lot of fans..

The second thing is there's just a whole lot of folks playa hatin' on Puff because of his success.. Hence just on 'GP' [general principles] and straight up jealousy.. folks are ready to mess with him.. Finally, the Bay Area has long held a reputation for being a violent market with regards to rap concerts.... The Puff Daddy concert that was being held at the San Jose Arena was the first time in a long time since a huge rap show was being held...

The atmosphere surrounding the Puffy concert was a joyous one... Puff right now is considered to be the pinnacle of hip hop.. He's the 'positive rap guy' who you can bring your kids to check out... I saw all sorts of youngstas in the house..including my little nephew in-law who is 12... Everybody wanted to see Puff Daddy.. What a shock I was in for.... After Usher..performed.. Busta Rhymes took the stage.. He at least had the decency to warn folks that his show was quite explicit in terms of language.. He told the audience.. if they brought kids.. now was the time to step because his show wasn't for the little ones.. Busta then proceeded to rip his set.. He got down...and let everyone know why he's 'Busta Rhymes.'... A half hour intermission followed...Folks were wondering what happened to Jay-Z...

He apparently took himself off the tour due to the fact that he wasn't being treated fairly.. There were three things that set him off.. the first involved his tour bus catching on fire... Luckily no one was injured... But it caused him to miss a few dates... Next incident happened when he performed at Madison Square Garden in New York.. It was a home coming show for the Puffy tour.. and everyone wanted to shine and look there best...especially Jay-Z who has mad respect in the Big Apple.. Well, not only did he have sound problems.. but his set was cut short by a good 20 minutes.... This was a little too much to handle.. The final thing that flipped it was when Jay-Z rented out Justin's restaurant to celebrate his birthday which was around the same time as the home coming show.. Justin's is the restaurant owned by Puff.. Just as his party was about to get underway.. Puff rolled through with his entourage and asked Jay-Z to leave so he could have a party of his own.. Needless to say I was not too suprised when Mr Jay-Z pulled himself off the tour.. His official reason was that he wanted to promote his new single .. 'You Belong To The City'... It seems like the best way to promote your album would be through your tour dates... So obviously that was a cover up..

The other absentee performer was Ms Foxy Brown.. A lot of kids where checking for her.. However, Foxy already has a bad track record.. The word was she would show up because Jay-Z was scheduled to play.. I'm not sure if his decision to leave influenced her to not show up.. The other thing to factor in was last time Foxy rolled through the Bay Area.. which was about a year ago.. She was booed off the stage.. I don't know what she did but folks weren't feeling her and she got booed... She hasn't been back to the Bay Area since that incident..which FYI took place last New Year's Eve in San Jose during a show headlined by E-40 and B-Legit..

Back to the Puffy show.. When he hit the stage..It was spectacular.. Puffy may not be the best rapper but he's a damn good performer.. He had lights, fireworks great sound.. cameras...Everything.. He was ready to get busy.. During his opening song... a huge melee took place in the front row.. Someone stepped on someone's shoe... and it was on.. chairs were being thrown and kids being stomped.. Puff kept right on performing.. Security did not remove the kids who were running around 'clocking' people for no reasons.. Remember this is the same Puff Daddy who had a stadium packed with a lot of kids.. These knuckleheadz where running around slapping women and chasing parents who were with there kids..

The whole ugly scene reminded me of the huge MC Hammer concert that took place at the Oakland Coliseum back in '92... Like Puffy.. Hammer was considered the cream of the crop back then.. and he was the 'positive rap guy' who everyone could bring their kids to see.. On the Hammer show was Kool Moe Dee, Young MC and Heavy D. During Heavy's set a melee broke out near the stage as a mob of about 30 kids ran around beating anyone in their path.. the show was sold out..Close to 6 thousand folks left the event...

The Puffy Show reminded me of this in so many ways.. Puffy is really the MC Hammer of the late 90s...There are so many similarities.. Both started out dancing.. Both had their own record labels.. Both had huge entourages.. which they called the Family..Hammer was the producing mechanism behind all his spin off groups like 3-5-7, Ace Juice, 2 Bigg MC etc.. Both Hammer and Puffy endured severe criticism from the 'hip hop headz' who felt that there high visibility in the mainstream was ruining hip hop.. The list goes on.. Watching the whole Puffy concert brought back those memories... The differences were stark.. this time the melee did not chase away the 15 thousand folks in attendance.. And unlike Hammer who kept his act very clean... Puffy was a sea of contradictions.. He cursed and he cursed and cursed.. At one point in the show while doing a routine with L'il Kim he told all the men to raise up their middle finger and say 'Fuck You Bitch' .. After he was done L'il Kim told the females in the racially mixed audience to raise up and yell 'Fuck You Nigga'.. Call me old fashioned.. But that was totally inappropriate for young kids to be doing.. and for a guy like Puffy to encourage.... Later after all the cursing..He gives a moving tribute to Notorious BIG and 2Pac... The whole time he kept referring to BIG as his 'nigga' I wish rappers would limit their usage of that word... Then he gave a tribute to God.. complete with a gospel choir and everything.. Now that really brought back memories of Hammer.. It also struck me as so unreal that this guy who was telling everyone to say Fuck You Bitches... was now thanking God.. I can't be the one to judge.. but damn.. You thank God by not acting in such an off beat manner... Finally the thing that really took folks for a loop was when Puff kept yelling 'Westside' like he was Ice Cube... People cheered.. but a whole lot of folks was like.. 'what are you doing?' First the whole Westside thing is kinda played out... No one uses that word anymore.. and very few folks ever shouted it out here in the Bay Area.. That was more of an LA thing.. Plus it just didn't sound right..

I will have to give Puff his props for doing a good show which was marred by his cursing.. But his execution was dope.. His stage set was nice and his energy was definitely there.. Mase, The Lox and 112 all did really nice.. The person who stole the show was L'il Kim.. She came and straight represented.. No she didn't take off her clothes and do any of her freaky stuff... And too be honest she didn't need to.. She just let her skills speak for themselves.. The girl is off the hook..She is by far the best rapper of the bunch...and has terrific stage presence... Mase as I mentioned was also cool.. He raps just like he talks..A lot of women were checking for him...

In conclusion.. Good concert for Puff.. It was well organized.. It reminded me of the old MC Hammer Shows.. My advice to Puff would be to be more responsible for his audience.. When you have all sorts of little kids paying 50 bucks a ticket.. don't hit the stage yelling 'Fuck You and Muthafucka and all that... It takes away from what he's supposed to be about...

The Puffy Daddy concert was unfortunately marred by major drama after the concert..There were rumors circulating around that Puff himself was gonna be appearing at two nite clubs.. One was Celebrities in Fremont and the other was the The Beat also in Fremont... More then 600 people showed up at the 18 and over Beat Nite Club in Fremont...too bad the club could only hold 300.. A riot broke an angry crowd tore the doors of the club off the hinges... Then some kid starts shooting resulting in 7 people being capped...The altercation spread to another individual named David Garcia... He gets chased by a mob of people who mercilessly kill him.. Dave was a good friend of one of our morning DJs named Victor Zaragoza..How tragic.. the word was this kid was minded his business when he got hit.. He tried to hold is own and it ended up with him being killed... Folks just aren't right these days.. they just aren't right.,.. RIP Dave Garcia..

In other news.. Teddy Riley protégé Queen Pen swung through the Bay Area last weekend.. She was out promoting her new album 'My Melody' and her new song.. 'All My Love' which is a remake of the Luther Vandross song.. She performed at an upscale Club called Geoffrey's which is kinda like the old Bentley's Nite Club in New York.. Her performance left a lot to be desired.. Why do artists insist on telling the sound man to turn up the mic to the point of distortion.. This woman was on some other stuff that nite.. She kept yelling and cursing at the crowd.. 'I know you mothafuckas in Oakland can get busy.. everybody say 'Ho'... When the responses wasn't loud enough.. she went and stopped her dat.. She did this three times.. Her hype man was way to loud and not in step with her... A lot of artists really need to spend some time on preparing their shows.. I see way too many who come to perform while they are drunk or super high.. and they behave in ways that make no sense.. Queen Pen was in definite need of having to go back and rehearse.. She also threatened to cancel her performance after it was promoted for a whole week.. because one of the guys from Blackstreet who sings her hook didn't show up.. Queen Pen performed several songs off her album including 'The Man Behind The Music' which managed to get everyone grooving.. However, she didn't rock her song controversial song 'Girlfriend' which talks about her lesbian tendencies....

In the audience that nite was Guru from Gang Starr who was in town laying down the groundwork for his upcoming album.. Moment Of Truth... Guru is way cool... I'm surprised that Queen Pen didn't invite him on stage to perform.. mmmmmmm

Bad news for Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan.. Last week he was arrested in New York for weapons possession.. He was traveling with some friends when one of the cars was pulled over for minor traffic violations.. Instead of letting the cops do their job...Ghostface pops out the car and began arguing with police.. One of the officers notices that Ghostface is sporting a bullet proof vest which is against the law in New York.. So that becomes grounds to search his car.. They then find a gun and arrest him...Later on it was discovered that Ghostface had a two year old warrant for attempted robbery..Now he's in jail and will be charged for attempted robbery.. He should've thought twice about arguing with a cop while holding a warrant...

Finally props to Ice Cube... His new single 'We Be Clubbing' is off the hook and sounds like the Ice Cube of old.. Be sure to check for it...Also please note he is now on A&M records.... Another dope track to peep is Spice 1's 'I'm High'.. It was produced by Paris and its off the hook..

Anyway that's it for now folks..Have a great Holiday... Don't forget to email your End Of The Year Ballots..

Peace For Now
Davey D
c 1997

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