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July 9 '98


Up and coming rap star Cam'ron first blew up the spot earlier this year with a track called '357 Magnum'. Folks got into the catchy song which samples from theme from the hit tv program Magnum PI. Cam'ron came through the Bay Area last night and got busy at a show hosted by The Pirate Djs. A packed house at San Francisco's Velvet Lounge went nuts when he dropped '357 Magnum' and his new joint 'Horse And Carriage'. Women in the place damn near lost it when he did his LL Cool J imitation and took off his shirt to rock the crowd.. I gotta honestly say with his stage presence and charisma..Cam'ron looks to be hip hop's next big superstar.

I caught up with this kid during a listening party. He broke it down about how he got put on the hip hop map. He gave props to Mase who he grew up with and DJ Clue. He noted that he had been getting known around the NYC area by rapping on Clue's mix tapes. When asked if he feared his association with Mase would get him pigeonholed as a 'commercial rap artist', Cam'ron explained that he feels he's way to versatile. One listen to his debut album 'Confessions Of Fire' clearly indicates that. The brotha has all sorts of folks droppin' bombs alongside him including; Mase, Noreaga, DMX, Jermaine Dupris and singer Kelly Price. He shocks it by doing a song with his cousin Jimmy Jones and his mom. The track is called 'Me My Mom and Cousin Jimmy'. Cam'ron stated that he tried to take an original approach on his album. He did the song with his mom to help people understand that parents can get involved with hip hop. He added that his mother was very instrumental in helping him get his start.

Cam'ron concluded by saying that He won't knock anybody for the type of rap they do. He understands that there are some folks who will do street raps and others who will do commercial raps. He said it would be wrong to criticize someone for doing the things that will help them win. 'At the end of the day, you gotta eat..nobody wants to be broke.. you gotta take of your family and yourself..if you found a way to do that within hip hop, why should I get mad at you?.. I don't wanna be labeled and I'm not gonna label anyone for the type of music they do..', Cam'ron noted. Again..props to Cam'ron.. He seems to be a humble well grounded brotha. If he remains that way, even after he sells a million units, he could find himself going to heights very few have ever achieved.

written by
Davey D

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