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Common formerly known as Common Sense brings the spiritual ruckus with his latest album 'One Day It'll All Make Sense'..[He had to change his name to Common because some rock group had already snagged the name and was making trouble for this brotha].. He definitely delivers the goods.. For one Common is talking about something.. Every song is full of substance.. Next he uses original music.. I'm sure there are some samples.. But his producer NO ID takes great pains to put forth music that is jazzy... reflective and more importantly something you don't hear everyday.. That's right Common and his producer did not do the Puffy thing and remake a whole bunch of songs..

One of the things that I really like about Common is that he's bringing us hip hop on his own terms.. He's not trying to conform to some new trend.. or go with the latest fashion or style..He tells you at the start of the album.. that he would like to welcome you into his mind.. He lets us know that he's put everything he has into this album.. He does what so many artists are not doing-letting the music being an audio reflection of him the person.. In addition.. he brings some much needed skillz to the table.. Make no bones about this.. Common can rip microphones with the best of them.. hence he already earns respect when he walks in the room.. The fact that he has some nice beats and has something to say takes him over the top.. The other aspect that really allows Common to stand out is the fact that he continues to grow as an artist.. You can appreciate the fact that Common tries to expand his musical horizons.. He has not given into complacency.. Nor has he given into the current hip hop formula of success which boils down to remaking old classic funk songs..

The other cool thing about Common is that he has assembled some high profile, dope ass guests to assist him on this album.. However, his guest do not overshadow him.. They compliment each other.. Check out songs like the 'Retrospective For Life' where Common raps about the emotional turmoil he went through when he found out he was about to become a father.. He raps about the mindset that a male may go through when deciding whether or not to abort a child.. Lauryn Hill of the Fugees rips shop on the singing tip..Yiou can literally feel that song..In case you don't know Common his girl have gone on to have a baby girl..

Another track that hits hard is the jazzy yet funky groove All Night Long featuring Erykah Badu. Also on point are tracks like Stolen Moments Pt 2 and Stolen Moments Pt 3 which feature Black Thought of The Roots and Q-Tip from Tribe Called Quest respectively.. Both songs will keep your head nodding and will make you appreciate Common even more.. G.O.D. is a pensive song featuring Cee-Lo of the group Goodie Mob.. Here the two trade verses about religion and spirituality.. It's a deep song.. and the beat is pretty tight... Also we can't forget that Common also interacts with both De La Soul on the song Gettin' Down At The Amphitheater and Cannibus on the song Making A Name For Ourselves.. Persoanlly I like the first project he and De La Soul did called Bizzness... The Cannibus groove is hittin'

Common stretches out by including some spoken word cuts on this lp. One features wordsmith Malik Yusef and it's called 'My City'.. He speaks about the ins and outs of the windy city..Chicago.. The final cut on the album features his father Lonnie who gives some words of wisdom and advice as Common enters into maturity and parenthood.. It's sounds dope.. and it reflects Common's growth.. My advice is for those who are interested in hearing just how powerful and insightful hip hop can be.. definitely pick up Common's album and reflect on his words and music..

Reviewed By Davey D

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