Hip Hop News
August 6 '98


Watch what you say!!! Those prophetic words from Guru of Gang Starr are ringing true for over 100 media outlets. Anti Rap activist C. Delores Tucker is on the move as she's out to sue all the media outlets who had ridiculed and distorted the facts about her lawsuit against 2Pac's estate.. Folks may recall a few months back, C Delores was thrusted into the lime light when it was made known that she was suing 2Pac because of some degrading remarks he made in two of his songs off the album 'All Eyes On Me'. Tucker claimed that the remarks were messing up her sex life with her husband.. As you can imagine-all sorts of media people had a field day with that story.. So now Ms Tucker is launching law suits..

Let me just say for the record.. I've attempted on at least 5 different occasions to get Ms Tucker on my airwaves for an interview. I thought she had some merit in her crusade to tame the type of music coming across our airwaves.. her approach may not have been on point, but at least a meaningful discussion should've been one of the outcomes. This woman has always avoided coming on our urban based station like the plague. She was always in a meeting or booked at a conference.. and these scheduling conflicts would always mysteriously surface a couple of days before show time.. Now maybe I'm wrong.. but don't you think it would've helped her cause to appear on the number one radio station in the country's 4th largest media market [SF Bay Area]? Wouldn't it had helped her cause to appear on a station that had been awarded commercial rap station of the year 4 years in a row [KMEL]?..Wouldn't it help to appear on a station that has such a large African American audience? After all this is the community she's out to protect... Heck we got the First Lady Hillary Clinton to come on our station and chop it up with MC Ren.. Why not Ms Tucker?

I've come to the conclusion that she's in all this for the publicity and quite frankly I can't take her seriously.. She's gonna sue all the media outlets for tarnishing her name.. Perhaps Ms Tucker should've sued the media outlets for being biased in the type of music they let get played.. In other words sue them for not playing a Public Enemy or KRS-One etc.. Sue these outlets for not affording Black folks more opportunities to program and be in managerial positions at these outlets etc..Sue the record companies for issuing lopsided recording contracts that leave 90 % of these rap artists she has come to villify-broke. The point I'm making is that Ms Tucker broke out on the scene and positioned herself to be a protector of the Black community. She wanted to shield the youth from all the garbage that is being put out there.. Great! I can go alone with that.. But then Ms Tucker makes herself scarce when it comes time to talk. Well enough said I had my laugh for the day.. let's just hope I don't get sued...

written by
Davey D

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