This is the fourth of the Ultimate Hip Hop Trivia Series Here we are focusing on the San Francisco Bay Area.... Each question is worth 100 points.. The top 10% will win a prize.. Good Luck
  1. What Bay Area artist sold over 10 million albums in one year?

  2. What Bay Area Rapper wrote the song Playa's Club?

  3. Suga T is one of the few female rappers in the Bay Area..She has two brothers that rap..who are they?

  4. What well known Bay Area rapper is cousin to Ice Cube?

  5. Before Sway & King Tech started hosting the Wake Up Show they were in a rap group.. What was the name of that group?

  6. What was the original name for the Bay Area's turntabilist The Invisble Skratch Pickles..?

  7. In the song I Ain't Trippin' by Too Short.. we hear some comedic excerpts from a well known Bay Area comedian.. Who is that comic..?

  8. What well known Bay Area artist was a spokesperson for MTV's Rock The Vote..? Hint: He was on last year's Smoking Grooves Tour?

  9. What two well known Bay Area groups squared off for the ultimate on air emcee battle? This took place 3 years ago...

  10. What well known Bay Area rap group set a record for selling the most rap 12" singles..What was the name of the song.. Hint: this song sold over 2 million copies..

    Bonus Question worth 200 pts....

    This Bay Area artist recently changed his name.. He has the distinction of being the first to sample from George Clinton and the whole Parliament camp.. At one point he was on Jive records... Now he rolls independently.. Who is this well known Bay Area artist... Hint his name begans with a J...

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