Davey D's
Local Flava
Bay Area Top 20

November 30 2000

The Local Flava Hour
airs every Sunday Night Night on
106.1 FM KMEL in San Francisco..

Check us out from 11pm-2am

1RICHIE RICHI Ain't Gonna Do93white Label8.0
2FOREIGN LEGIONNowhere To Hide90Insiduous7.5
3MASTERS OF ILLUSIONWe All Over93Theshold8.0
4B-LEGIT w. Mac ShawnKeep It PI88white label7.5
5RASCOGunz Still Hot 92Nu Gruv8.0
6CALI AGENTSNeva Forget95Nu Groove8.0
7E-40 w/Ice CubeBehind Gates88Jive7.5
8PEP LOVECrooked Angles92Hiero7.5
9AUK Drama Weighs A Ton82Keyco Flicks8.0
10BLACKALICIOUSShallow Days96Quannum8.0
112PACThug Nature96Death Row7.5
12ANDRE NICKATINABakin Soda In Minnesota113Filmore7.5
13PODE Drugz83Desertion of the Grave8.0
14SUB CONTENT 5Death Becomes HER88Heratik8.0
15DON CISCO w/ Kurupt I Like To Ride90Thump7.5
16TWDYLead The Way101Thump7.5
17MIC TPower of the Booty90Heratik7.5
18LIL LGo Outside92D2R7.0
20POTENT CToo damn Saucy89Git Back7.0

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