Davey D's
Local Flava
Bay Area Top 20

July 25th 2001

The Local Flava Hour
airs every Sunday Night Night on
106.1 FM KMEL in San Francisco..

Check us out from 11pm-2am

1GOAPELEChildhood Drama87Closer8.5
2ZION IWe Got It93Matador7.5
3MAC MALL The Man Upstairs86Sesed Out8.0
4MYSTIC Girlfriend Sister Girl87Goodvibe8.5
5THE MOSSIEBreak Bad97Sic wit it8.0
6MASTERS OF ILLUSIONSLet Me Talk to You93Threshold7.5
7GORILLAZ w/ Del Clint Eastwood82Virgin7.5
8AZEEMNo Lexus86Stray Records7.5
9VIRTUOSO w/Del, casualAll We Know97Omnipotent8.0
10SOULS OF MISCHIEF w/ DelSoundscience rmx90Hieroglyphics Imperium8.0
11BASBOMBINGMaximum Overlarge86Insiduous7.5
12FOREIGN LEGIONLet Me Tell You Something95Insidious8.0
13PEP LOVEFight Club83Hieroglyphic Imperium7.5
14INFAMOUS MCAttitudes92MyMan7.5
15STIMULATED DUMMIES w/ DelDel Meets The Dummies94Loud8.0
16KOFY BROWNDo U Believe87Simba8.0
17MICHAEL FRANTI & SPEARHEADRock The Nation105Boo Boo Wax7.5
18RAW BTattooed Brain92Hip Hop Slam8.0
20PROPHETS OF RAGEThey Don't Know98Uplift7.0

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