New Releases For August 1998

69 BOYZGet On Your Feet 133Big BeatBRap/Miami Bass
69 BOYZRoll Call 137Big BeatB-Rap/Miami Bass
ADINA HOWARDT-Shirts & Panties rmx 92UnentertainmentBUrb Cont
ADORThe Rush 93Tru ReignBRap/NY
AFRIKA BAMBAATAASay It Loud 106Planet RockBRap/NY
AFRIKA BAMBAATAAJazzin' 101Planet RockBRap/NY
AG2AKESellin' Dreams 80Rap-A-LotBRap/Southern
BAD AZZ w/ SnoopWe Puttin' It Down 92PriorityB-Rap/WC
BEENIE MANDa Reggae Joint 100VPB+Rap/Raggamuffin
BGCash Money Is An Army 93UniversalC+Rap/NY
BIG DADDY KANEUncut, Pure 93Label RecordsBRap/NY
BIG DADDY KANEEarth Wind & Fire 88Label RecordsBRap/NY
BIZZY BONEThugs Cry 88RelativityBRap/Midwest
BIZZY BONEOn Fire 122RelativityB-Rap/Midwest
BOUNTY KILLERNext Millennium 88white labelA-Rap/Raggamuffin
BRAND NUBIANThe Return 89AristaBRap/NY
BRAND NUBIANBrand Nubian 88AristaB+Rap/NY
CANIBUSI Honor U 89UniversalB-Rap/NY
CANIBUSGet Retarded 87UniversalB-Rap/NY
CHANNEL LIVERed Rum 92321 RecordsBRap/NY
CORMEGAFuck Nas 90white labelA-Rap/NY
CROOKED LETTAZCaught Up In The Game 81PenaltyBRap/NY
CRUCIAL CONFLICTScummy 68PallasBRap/Midwest
CYPRESS HILLAudio X 78Ruff HouseBRap/WC
CYPRESS HILLTequilla Sunrise 92Ruff HouseBRap/WC
DEF SQUADCountdown 88Def JamB+Rap/NY
DEF SQUAD w/ Biz markieThe Game 102Def JamA-Rap/NY
DESTINY'S CHILD w/ WyclefNo No No Part 1 & 2 [rmx] 90ColumbiaBUrb Cont
DIGITAL UNDERGROUNDWind Me Up 96Jake RecordsB-Rap/Bay Area
DJ SPOOKY w/ Kool KeithObject Unknown 96OutpostBRap/NY
DO OR DIEJust Ballin' 64Rap-A-LotB-Rap/Midwest
DOWN SOUTH PLAYERSYeah Yeah Yeah 104Hip RockCRap/Southern
DRU HILL w/ RedmanHow Deep Is Your Love 93Touch EntB+Urb Cont
E-40From The Ground Up 88JiveB+Rap/Bay Area
E-A-SKI25 With A Meal Ticket 94Infared MusicB+Rap/Bay Area
EMINEMJust Don't Give A Fuck 83AftermathBRap/NY
EMINEMBrain Damage 95AftermathBRap/NY
EMPEROR SLYRockit 126Street BeatBDance/Techno
ERIC B & RAKIMI Ain't No Joke 1044th & BdwyARap/NY
FATALTake Your Time 94RelativityB-Rap/WC
FATALI Know The Rules 92RelativityB-Rap/WC
FUNKMASTER FLEXThe Final Chapter LoudB+Rap/NY
FUNKMASTER FLEXThe Final Chapter LoudB+Rap/NY
GANG STAR w/ MOP1/2 & 1/2 90TVTB+Rap/NY
GANG STARR w/ WC & RakimMilitia 89Noo TrybeARap/NY
GANGSTA BOOWhere Dem Dollars At? 73RelativityC+Rap/Southern
GANGSTA NIPHot Club Wax Rap-A-LotRap/Southern
GHETTO TWINS w/Mia XNo Pain No Gain 72Rap-A-LotC+Urb Cont
GIL SCOTT HERONThe Bottle 115TVTA-Spoken Word
GIL SCOTT HERONJohannesburg TVTA-Spoken Word
HARLEM WORLD w/ MaseAll Out 108SoSo defB-Rap/NY
HELTAH SKELTAHI Ain't Havin That 100PriorityBRap/NY
HELTAH SKELTAHWorldwide 90PriorityBRap/NY
HIGH NOONSmashin' Emcees 99AV8Rap/NY
ICE CUBEGhetto Vet 86PriorityA-Rap/WC
ICON & DESTRUCT w/ Kool G RapRoad To The Riches 92Stone ColdBRap/NY
INFAMOUS SYNDICATESouljahs 96RelativityB-Rap/NY
INFAMOUS SYNDICATEIt's Alright 96RelativityBRap/NY
JANE BLAZEJane Meets NORE 102UnentertainmentB-Rap/NY
JEROMEToo Old For Me 85Bad BoyBUrb Cont
JOHN FORTEThey Got Me 86Ruff HouseB-Rap/NY
KEITH SWEAT w/SnoopCome Get With Me 93ElektraBUrb Cont
KID CAPRI w/Snoop & Slick RickUNIFY 94ColumbiaA-Rap/NY
LAROOOne Night Stand 85AWOLBRap/Bay Area
LAURYN HILLDoo Wop 100Ruff HouseA-Rap/NY
LAURYN HILLThe Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill Ruff HouseARap/NY
LAURYN HILLThe Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill Ruff HouseARap/NY
LAURYN HILLEx-Factor 81Ruff HouseARap/NY
LAURYN HILLTo Zion 87Ruff HouseB+Rap/NY
LAURYN HILLSuperstar 86Ruff HouseB+Rap/NY
LAURYN HILLFinal Hour 91Ruff HouseB+Rap/NY
LAURYN HILLWhen It Hurts So Bad 79Ruff HouseB+Rap/NY
LAURYN HILL Forgive Them Father 98Ruff HouseA-Rap/NY
LAURYN HILL Every Ghetto Every City 93Ruff HouseB+Rap/NY
LAURYN HILL Everything Is Everything 94Ruff HouseB+Rap/NY
LAURYN HILL w/ Mary J BligeI Used To Love Him 89Ruff HouseB+Rap/NY
LINKI Really Wanna Sex Your Body RelativityB-Urb Cont
LORD TARIQ PETR GUNZStartin' Somethin' 108ColumbiaB+Rap/NY
LOST BOYZBouncin' 95UnentertainmentBRap/NY
MACK 10 w/ Big PunLet The Games Begin 97PriorityBRap/WC
MACK 10 w/ Eazy EGet Yo Ride On 100PriorityB+Rap/WC
MAESTROClap Your Handz 107Time BanditBRap/NY
MASTER PGood Bye To My Homies No LimitBRap/Southern
MC LYTEI Can't Make A Mistake 93East WestB+Rap/NY
MCGRUFFMany Know 86UniversalC+Rap/NY
MCGRUFFExquisite 91UniversalC+Rap/NY
MELANIE B w/ MissyI Want U Back 89VirginBUrb Cont
MONA LISAPeach 93IslandBUrb Cont
MONICAThe Boy Is Mine AristaA-Urb Cont
MONICAThe Boy Is Mine AristaA-Urb Cont
MONICA w/ OutkastGonna Be Fine 88AristaB+Urb Cont
MYA w/ Reakwon& NoreMovin On 93InterscopeB+Rap/NY
N'DEA DAVENPORTBullshittin' 91V2BUrb Cont
NEXTPenetration 87AristaBUrb Cont
NEXT w/ Big PunI Still Love You 95AristaB+Urb Cont
NICOLEStrawberry 89AtlanticB+Urb Cont
NONCELive & Direct 89Wild WestBRap/WC
NOREAGASuperthug 94PenaltyBRap/NY
NOREAGABarred From TV 93PenaltyBRap/NY
NOTORIOUS BIGNasty Boy [rmx] 102Hot To DeathA-Rap/NY
NOTORIOUS BIGI Got A Story To tell 92Bad BoyBRap/NY
NOTORIOUS BIG w/ LoxLast Day 90Bad BoyB+Rap/NY
OLYMPXStreets Are A Battlefield 94WarlockBRap/NY
OLYMPXGive Me A Call 105WarlockC+Rap/NY
OUTKASTSkew It Out The Bar-B 103LaFaceBRap/Southern
PETE ROCK w/Inspectah deckTru Masters 89LoudBRap/NY
PRASBlue Angels 100Ruff HouseBRap/NY
QUEEN LATIFAHOrder In The Court [lp] MotownB-Rap/NY
QUEEN w/ WyclefAnother One Bites The Dust 104DreamworksBRap/NY
RAS KASSGhetto Fabulous 87PriorityB+Rap/WC
ROOTSDon't See Us 94MCAA-Rap/NY
SCARFACEWin Lose Or Draw 80Rap-A-LotBRap/Southern
SCREWBALLOn Point 94white labelBRap/NY
SEAN PAULInfiltrate 94VPA-Rap/Raggamuffin
SHAQUILLE O'NEALThe Way It's Going Down 97TwismB+Rap/NY
SKULL DUGGERYIf It Don't Make Dollars.. 77No LimitBRap/Southern
SNOOP DOGGStill A G Thang 97No LimitB-Rap/WC
SPARKLETime To Move On 78RocklandBUrb Cont
SPIDADon't You Stop 103321 RecordsB-Rap/Raggamuffin
SUNZ OF MANIntellectuals 84Red AntB+Rap/NY
SUNZ OF MANCold 92Red AntB+Rap/NY
SUNZ OF MANThe Plan 97Red AntB+Rap/NY
SUNZ OF MANCollaboration 98 94Red AntBRap/NY
SUNZ OF MAN w/ Beenie ManShining Star 86Red AntA-Rap/NY
TAMIASo Into You [rmx] 93QwestBUrb Cont
TELABring Em Out 77Rap-A-LotB-Rap/Southern
TELA w/Too ShortBIGPIMPSISI 82Rap-A-LotB-Rap/Southern
THE LORDSTake Dat 95IslandA-Rap/NY
TONY TOUCHCall Of The Drums 102Touch EntARap/NY
TONY TOUCHTarget Practice 93Touch EntA-Rap/NY
TONY TOUCH w/Greg NiceFreak Ya 90Touch EntA-Rap/NY
TRIBE CALLED QUEST w/BustaSteppin' It Up 95JiveB+Rap/NY
URBANITESShock The World 88Wild WestBRap/WC
URBANITESMasterpiece 90Wild WestBRap/WC
URBANITESPure Pressure 91Wild WestBRap/WC
WC w/ Jon BBetter Days 102PaydayBRap/NY
XZIBITNobody Sound Like me 88LoudB+Rap/WC


NY=New York style Hip Hip, WC=West Coast Hip Hop
BA=Bay Area Hip Hop, MB=Miami Bass,
=Southern style Hip Hop Mid=midwest style Hip Hop
=raggamuffin style Hip Hop

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