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brands, as well as loads of other gear to aid the serious DJ.
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Brand Products

Vestax- PDX-d3/ World's First Digitally Controlled Turntable NEW!

Vestax - PDT-5000/ "Best Selling 'DJ Turntable'"

Vestax - PDT-4000/ High Performance- Low Cost Turntable


Performance Mixers

Vestax - PMC-05PRO/ The Ultimate High End Scratch/Performance
Mixer for Professional DJ's.

Vestax - PMC-01/ High Quality Compact Mixing Controller NEW!

Vestax - PMC-17/ Europe style DJ mixer for Trans/Techno

Vestax - PMC-05FX/ Funkmaster Flex Signature Model

Vestax - PMC-05MKIV/ New Standard Performance Mixer

Standard Mixers

Vestax - MW 3000/ New Age "All In One" DJ Mixing Workstation NEW!

Vestax - PMC-15SL/ Award Winning Mixer With Added Digital Sampler

Vestax - PMC-15/ Award Winning Popular Mixer

Street Master Series

Vestax - Street Master 5009/ Ultra Slim Profile For Mobile DJ Consoles

Vestax - Street Master 5006/ Unique Table Top Mixer

Vestax - Street Master 5005/ The Entry Mixer For Scratch Performance

Installation Mixers

Vestax - PMC-50/ Top Of The Range Club Mixer

Vestax - PMC-40/ High Level Production Quality Mixer

House Mixers

Vestax - PMC-46/ The "House Mixer" with Unique Rotary Faders

Vestax - PMC-26/ High Performance-Low Cost House Mixer

Brand Products
PPD Series
Numark - DM 2175XLS

Numark - DM 2075XS

Numark - DM 2160

Numark - DM 2060

Studio Series
Numark - DM 1675

Numark - DM 1425

Numark - DM 1180

Scratch Mixers
Numark - DM 1100X/ "Master Mix"

Numark - DM 1000X/ "Championship" Scratch Mixer

CD Series
Numark - CD 7020

Numark - CD 710

Numark - EX 1500

Davey D's
Hip Hop