I first saw her from a distance
the aroma of her essence
captured my minds eye

funny how someone can tickle
somewhere in you
without so much as a touch
I thought to myself

as beautiful as hometown
on a summer morning
with some of momma's hoe cakes
and sorgum and the bacon with the rind still on

Yeesss lordy country girl
shoulders of the strongest femininity
you never knew you would have this effect
skin is so fresh like moist ground
and the same color brown
taunting girlish smile
and the softness
can be seen from here
I thought my head felt as if I was at
Ruthie's Cafe and juke joint
Sense of happy loud blues
just funn'in

God must have a sence of humor
if not
women could'nt make men feel this way
I thought to myself


What are your thoughts on this poem?.

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