Woman To Woman

Sweet, gentle, smooth
I watch you watching me
scanning my beauty of
Electrifying perfection
Slowly I'm
your rays of passion
deep within my inner soul.
as my body starts to
vibrate & quiver I
with the heat in your eyes
Glancing freely our
bodies magnetize together as we embrace
Firmly gliding our hands
down the spine in the
middle of our backs, oh
My eyes close
I await your fingertip
dancing across my thick, soft, wet, lips
Calmly pushing your tongue
into the depths of
my mouth I
to receive you
I feel the sweat
from our connecting breasts
drip down my stomach
to the tip of
my clit I
Knowing that
what we share is magic
Two lovely beings of
ultimate sensation
transferring energy from

Woman to Woman
Lover to Lover
Friend to Friend

Our temples
gently lay
upon our love waves

My hands explore
your jewels of pleasure
As my tongue caresses your chest,
I imagine your body as the Nile
and mine as the Sun "coming"
down to cool myself , I
of your essence
while placing your
pyramid nipples
sweetly in my mouth
nibbling, biting, watching
your body squirm beneath me
pumping, grabbing my sweet ass
as my pussy gets moist, hot, flaming
when my hand reaches your heavens gates, I'm
for "g - spot"
trembling, screaming,
As we position ourselves
into 6-9 we began to open, smell
Ooh your so sweet,
as I lick, softly between
your vibrating thighs
feeling the meat of your royal fruit
against my lips
You suck gently on my pulsating clit
we both explode while deep inside each
other, pumping, screaming,
creaming like oceans
of milky way.

Woman to Woman
Lover to Lover
Friend to Friend
By: Yolanda Stevenson

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