What Part of It Didn't You Understand?
So then we gets to where we're both ass-buck naked,
and I slipped the "jim" on,
and soon as we had contact she said it...
"Oh, no!"
But I was like, still diggin' deep
She never said another peep
And I wasn't trippin' cuz I was fa' sho goin' fo' mine
Strange thing was,
when I implied as to her being satisfied she quietly but sternly
replied absurdities
telling me to leave at once
I sighed, "...Whadafuck..."
and proceeded to pack my grip, shit,
"I got mine, what I'm trippin for?"
What I'm trippin' for?
But then it hit me
like a Tyson blow, it hit me so hard
the realization of 1+1 equalin' 2
but 2-1
(one being the variable representin' her when she said, "no")
can't still
equal 2
If it do they call that "forcible entry"
If that's what I did then it's a bid
right in the clink
shit that stink
think B...think...
So I called her up to apologize
I ain't lyin' I had tears in my eyes
Cause I was scared she was going to tell
But she wouldn't talk to me
Wasn't trying to see
what I was talkin' about
wouldn't even take my calls
Time wore on and I got the balls
to see how she was doin'
only to find out, her life I had ruined
See, apparently she couldn't take it
that I took it
so she decided no one else would do the same
She left a not saying that in this world there's too much pain
that she could no longer bare
and how it wasn't fair
how folks could take things
precious things
most intimate things
against another's will
She said, "Don't feel bad for me,
cuz I'm now out of the inferno,
in a place where there's no strife and tension's at a low
a place where you never hear a woman called a "bitch" or a "ho"
and above all else, a place where "no" still means "no"."
The note was found
next to the empty bottle of sleepin' pills
next to the empty Old Grand Dad
next to several photos of herself on the dresser
next to the bed
where she lay dead
cuz I let that testosterone rule my head
both of them
The guilt I felt was too much, so I turned myself in
now I'm payin' for my sin
in the state pin
For the crime of rape
now I'm at stake
cuz, with my frame
I know my ass they will try to take from me
going to try to make me the prison B----ioch
If I had only waited until she said "yes"
I wouldn't be in the mess
that I'm now in, and she'd still be here
and we'd again
have the opportunity for intercourse
but all I can do now is express my deepest remorse
and take things real slow
and always remember
no still means NO

by Branden M. Parnell

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