Terrence G. Johnson

The short, and brutal life of Terrence Johnson in "Freedom" is a cruel testament to a life lived under the gun of the hunters. As a boy of 15 he was under that gun. As a young man, in what we like to call "freedom", he was still under it, making his brief period on the street just another prison.

If we really look at his life, we learn he was never truly free, and his story can be found in the truncated, cheapened lives of tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of Black youth, who are hustled into prisons as boys and poisoned, psychologically crippled, and infinitely worse than when they entered.

Terrence emerged sane, whole and conscious, and for that reason he was targeted by enemies who regard conscious Black men as threats to white power.

So Terrence G. Johnson, who could not be stopped legally, was finally stopped on his 34th birthday, by the forces of law and disorder.

In African philosophy as long as a person is remembered, he or she lives in the heart of the rememberer. His spirit truly lives.

Remember Terrence Johnson.

Remember his determination, his laughter, and his warmth. Speak his name, with love in your hearts. You will build new Terrence’s, and defeat the plans of his, and your, enemies, when you do this.

Remember the thousands of other Terrences among you – and do the work to bring them from the House of Death and into the Sunlight of Life.

Ona Move!
Long Live John Africa!

Donations are urgently needed to help cover the expense of Terrence Johnson’s funeral, grave and tombstone if possible. Expenses have totaled $10,000.

If you or our organization can contribute, please mail funds to:
The Terrence Johnson Fund
c/o Charles Ware
10440 Little Patuxent Pkwy, Suite 300
Columbia, MD 21044

Please make checks/money orders payable to "The Terrence Johnson Fund" and NOT to Charles Ware.

Thank you in advance for your help. If there are any inquiries, please call Sabrina Green (703) 750-2231 or Charles Ware (410) 720-6129.

This is separate from the scholarship fund being collected by Union Temple Baptist Church.

Please pass along this request to others.

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