I'm aching inside
yearning for that euphoric high
umm... the feeling

I feel ashamed
I can not be the only one
to indulge

The scenario is set:
the Syrup,
20 seconds will do

ooh! It's so hot

caressing my body
tingling sensations
on my own nipple
syrupy sweet
is the taste
surprised it could be done

insert a finger, no!
not big enough
a cucumber
nice and fat
gyrate my body
umm... the feeling

take it out Oh!
what gratification

no worries
about a period -- late
of never to come
no arguments
about using a condom

umm...the feeling!

it's so good
I no longer feel ashamed
indulging in myself
taking care
of MY needs SAFELY
it can be done

By Alexandria Rouse

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