The Submission

It wasn't his hair
as black and beautiful as Cleopatra Jones
and not the long straight
leanness of his youthful body
nor his smile full of sly promises
of "you know I love you baby".

It was this
listen, he ran down so so sweet
and it was like damn
this could be real and
not a prelude to a groping match.
I'm telling you what my heart needs to
can you feel that?
he could have been my main thing
and the prospect was so overwhelming
if not damning.
I needed redemption
could he be my savior
dip me in the river baby and wash
my sins away.

The words he spoke so thick
with honey
dripping from every syllable.
I wanted to envelope myself in
that honey
me looking like an Ohio
Player album cover.
Sweet sticky thing
then he told me
some of those
pretty lies
chocolate coated daggers I
took with relish
don't stop this suicide of sorts
I'm dying inside anyway
might as well keep
my fairy tale in tact
he took my hand and led me
to his tarnished Eden.
he, a fallen Adam
me, his wary Eve.

By Taylor

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