HIP HOP SLAM BAY AREA TOP 50 (4/27/96) (*=New Release)
*1) Mac Mall "Untouchable" (Relativity) 
2) Cell Block Compilation Various (Cell Block/Priority)
3) Rappin' 4-Tay "Off Parole" (Rag Top/Chrysalis)
4) Conscious Daughters "Gamers" (Priority)
5) 2Pac "All Eyez On Me" (Death Row)
6) IMP "Ill Mannered Playas" (In-A-Minute)
*7) Lil Ric  "Wicked Streets" (Solo) 
 8) Too Short "Gettin' It"  12"  (Jive)
*9) Celly Cel "Killa Kali" (Jive)
*10) Digital Underground "Oregano Flow" (Avex/Critique) 

11) Peanut Butter Wolf "Step On Our Egos" (South Paw)
12) The Delinquents "Smooth Getaway" (Dank Or Die) 
13) Lateef "The Wreckoning" /"Latyrx" (Solesides)
14) MadFace "Black Attracts Heat" (Corn Field) 
*15)No Concept  12"
16)  The Dangerous Crew various (Dangerous/Jive)
*17) Richie Rich "Talk like shhh" (Def Jam)
18) Milkman feat Da Goonz  "Reminisce" (Major Music)
19) Hobo Junction "E.P." (South Paw)
20) Twisted Mind Kids "Twisted Mind State" (8-song demo: No Exit)

21)  Tha M.O.B.B.  ³never trust them h*ıs² (Bounce) 
22) Lil Gangsta P "meet the lil gangsta" (Erin)
23) Dr Octagon (feat Q-Bert)  "Dr Octagonocologyst" (Bulk)
24) Askari X "Message To The Black Man" (Slow Motion)
25)  Dream Nefra  "Wanted"   7" single  (Hatshepsut Music)
*26) J-Mack "Crime Rate" (GLP/Priority)
*27) Coz "View To A Kill" (Ghetto Groove/Stragiht 8) 
28) Kinfolks  various (Extortion)
*29) Various Blends 12"  
30) Primo  "Stickin To The Script" (Black Power Records)
*31) Master P "Ice Cream Man" album (No Limit/Priority)
* 32) 99th "Demention" (99 cents Records) 
*33Ncognito "On Da unda" (Cash'n' Records/Black Market) 
34) Junk "Kiss My Acid Jazz" (Faffco)
35)  Sacred Hoop demo tape (Miasmatic)
*36) Dreadformation "Never Ending Game Vol I" (Island)
37) Crack Emcee's "Ghettoblaster" (10 song demo)
38) Game Related "Soak Game" (Big K)
39) Suga T "Paper Chasin'" (Sick Wid It/Jive)
40)  Sick Wid It Records Compilation/The Hogg In Me (Sick Wid It/Jive) 

 *41) Sh'Killa "Gangstrez friom da bay" (GWK/Priority)
 42) Totally Insane ³Back Street Life² (In-A-Minute)
 43) Hook Boog "Kreepin while ya sleepin" (Abyssal Giantism)
 44) All Haters Beware various artists (CTI)
 45) J. Dubb ³Game Related² (Relentless)
 *46) Y-D f"Give It Up To The G'S" (Steel Toe)
 *48) The Subsitute S/T feat TRU & Master P
 49)  Spice 1 "Aint No Love"  12" (Jive)
50) Ironic "De Vallejo" (Conspiracy)

Hip Hop Slamıs weekly pirate radio show broadcasts on eleven stations including Free Radio Berkeley, Free Radio Santa Cruz, KBUD Mendicino, 89.1FM Seattle, Flavor 919 and 909 The Bomb in Miami, Steal This Radio in New York City and Black Magic Radio in Fresno.

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