Kinetic Cues From Tony Touch
Courtesy of RIME Magazine

Company: Touch Entertainment

Interesting facts: Began Hip Hop career as a B-boy. Is a member of the Rock Steady Crew. Has also recorded under the aliases Von Bo Bo, Mr. CoCo Tosso, and Tony Toca

First record you were really excited to buy: ďThe BreaksĒ by Kurtis Blow. That was like í82 maybe, I was 12 or 13.

Most ever paid for a record: I dunno, probably not even $100.

Favorite digging spots/cities: Shibua, Tokyo. Itís deejay Disneyland over there. Thereís just a lot of originals and old school records, unreleased and imports.

Equipment in use: In the clubs, Technic 1200ís, Vestax, Rane, or a Technics mixer. Studio equipment Ė ASR10, MPC3000, Pro Tools. I use Ortofons, but I recently put out a signature needle with Numark. Thereís a Tony Touch Numark needle running around right now. Itís kinda hot.

Favorite event youíve spun at: In Cuba, an outdoor event in 2000. I got to showcase and play music out there.

DJ's vs. Turntablists - what is your perspective? Itís two different worlds. You got show deejays, then you got deejays who know how to finesse and work the crowd. Some people work the crowd by doing the showmanship stuff, but that doesnít necessarily get over in a club atmosphere.

Who is your favorite emcee to have on a mixtape? Iíve worked with all my favorite emcees. I would have to say everybody that was on those cdís. KRS-One is my all time favorite. Redman, Eminem, Kool G Rap, Big Pun Ė those are my five.

Deejays or Emcees Ė Who gets more women? I think itís even. I think itís pretty much down the middle.

Do you think deejays will ever be seen as sex symbols? I think anybody thatís in the limelight or whatever, the center of attention, is gonna get that.

Do you see yourself as a sex symbol? No, not at all. I leave that to the public to decide. Itís not my call.

Favorite scratch or trick to perform: My favorite scratch is the crab - thatís the one I do the easiest. I know thereís a lot more out there thatís crazier Ė the orbits and all that shit - but chops and crabs are my two favorites.

Most annoying deejay habit (aka stupid things that we will never catch you doing): I would probably say scratching over vocals.

Current projects: I got an album in stores now called Last Of The ProRicans. Basically itís more like a deejay ĎTony Touch Presentsí album. I got new music from Gang Starr, I got a new record with me and Doo Wop [aka The Diaz Brothers], I got a record with Fat Joe, Nore, and JuJu from the Beatnuts [ďCapicuĒ] thatís a song featured on my upcoming album The Piece Maker 2. I got a Big Pun, Fat Joe record that was kinda like on an underground level. Thereís definitely some heat on there, itís like a setup for The Piece Maker 2.

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