In The Mix With E-Swift

Courtesy of RIME Magazine

Crew: Alkaholiks/Likwit Crew

First record ever purchased: Jackson 5 Skywriter LP

Most ever paid for a record: I once paid $500 for a Japanese Record. All the label print was written in Japanese so I can't even tell you the artist name or even any of the song titles because I can't read Japanese that well. All I know is I made about 20 beats off that record and turned $500 into a small fortune.

Favorite digging spots/cities: I travel worldwide touring with my group Tha Liks year round. I've been all over the world so I have the opportunity to dig in places a lot of deejays would not even imagine buying a plane ticket to. I love diggin all through Europe at big record trade shows and in Spain and Japan - they buy up all the damn records anyway! In the US I like New Orleans a lot because they have a deep understanding of all genres of music from Jazz to Big Band stuff to whatever else your into. I also visit the Mid-west a lot because I'm from Ohio and we were raised on funk - that's where it all comes from.

Are you being honest about your favorite digging spots or are you hiding them so other deejays won't go there? Well, I never give names unless the owner works out a deal with me where he gives me some type of referral fee! I'm not intimidated by other deejays who dig because it ain’t what you got it's what you do with it! Me, Diamond D, Primo, Biz Markie, Mad Lib, Pete Rock, Large Professor, and a few others I may forget to mention, pretty much are on top of our shit as far as what to look for and probably all have a lot of the same records but we flip them different.

Equipment in use: In concerts I use Technique 1200's of course, Ortofon OM S needles, Sony MDR-V600 headphones, and a Vestax 07Pro Mixer. I recently purchased a Pioneer CDJ-1000 CD turntable that's incredible! I also use a 360 Systems Instant Replay machine.

Favorite event to spin at: Everywhere I play is dope actually, because I get in this zone where I just gotta enjoy myself and have fun. I don't do a lot of clubs anymore because I focus a lot of my time being in the studio making records. I love both but producing really pays the bills!

DJ's vs. Turntablists - what is your perspective? To be honest I don't know what the difference is. All I know is I've been a deejay for 18 years and I have never called my self “turntablist E-Swift”, it's always been DJ E-Swift.

Do deejays really have more fun than blondes? Deejays have more fun WITH blondes!

Favorite scratch or trick to perform: I'm a scratchaholik! I do everything. When I used to battle I would get on the table and scratch with my feet. It would bug everybody out.

Most annoying deejay habit (aka stupid things that we will never catch you doing): A lot of new deejays juggle records off beat and I can't stand that! You'll never catch me doing that, ever! Other than that all deejays pretty much do the same shit, lick their fingers and all that.

Current projects: I'm doing Tha Liks new album right now, as well as my solo record, Tash's album, and J-Ro's album. I did some stuff for Snoop, Cocoa Brovas (Smif N Wessun), Kurupt, Kokaine, Phil The Agony and a lot of other projects. I'm also re-mixing movie scores and doing a lot of soundtracks right now so I'm very busy. I'm also trying to put together a rock project so any vocalist - both male and female - please feel free to contact me and audition. It's gonna be the next level believe that! Please forward any demos or packages to:

E-Swift Street Soul Music, Inc. 311 N. Robertson Blvd. Suite #717

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