Sacred Rituals in forgotten times
Endless walks down beaten paths
Gazing deep into within and
recognizing all that is great..
Having life for all that it's worth..
No money back guarantee
How does one fill up 24 hours in a given day?
There is so much for me to do...

Living life to it's fullest
And remembering..hope is more than
just a four letter word but a
dream come true if only you'll open
your eyes
open your eyes
open your eyes...

Tears fall on moonlit nights
and anger erupts
look deep within and understand
that sacred rituals in forgotten times
are beyond that which you understand

Another endless walk
and another unsung song goes unheard
because of forgotten times

Watch where you step
beware of whose toes you step on
see not-believe not
but always know
Who you are!


What are your thoughts on this poem?.

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