The Punany Project:
A Collaborative Effort:

The death of Eric "Easy E" Wright from AIDS complications jolted the Hip Hop community into the realization that AIDS has no respect of "person". Its indiscriminate nature is far more apparent in the wake of notable men crippled under its force, than in it's early stages when laymen and medical experts alike dismissed the deadly virus as a "white gay male disease" which penalized only those with socially unacceptable lifestyles. The words Wright uttered from his death bed, "...this thing is real and it doesn't discriminate. It affects everyone," uprooted memories in all of our minds, of lovers past and lovers present, begging the question, "am I safe?"

For the sexually active masses of this world there may be no clear answer. Indeed, research on the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, which causes AIDS, continues to baffle medical professionals. But one thing is certain. It is never too late to play it safer!

The primary goal of Punany Promotions has been to offer publicity to up and coming writers, artists and music people through press coverage and promotional events which feature the work of such artists. While our small company may not be ideally suited as the long term host for the struggle against AIDS, we strongly believe this single project is an appropriate tool to reach young members of the Hip Hop generation. There is a obvious need for AIDS awareness in the hip-hop community. While Punany recognizes the effort of some AIDS programs which have attempted to reach out to us, statistics show that there has not been an increase nor a decrease of infection among the African American population. The message must mirror the culture. Punany The Hip-Hop Psalms is fresh, timely and can impress upon its young readership the importance of AIDS awareness and safer sexual practice in a way that is all at once familiar and fantastic.

Punany: The Hip Hop Psalms
Limited Edition
The Hip Hop Psalms
Limited Edition

an erotic collaborative
promoting responsible sexuality
in the Hip hop community

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