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As a minority female, I am faced with challenges on a daily basis. I send you this letter to reach out to all my people...

Why is there so much violence in this day and age? Why is there such lack of respect for our elders? Why is there little regard for our youth? Is there a chance for peace in the 97?

My concern are our children. As a mother and bearer of life, I am scared to death of what the future has to offer. I am scared to death of the next leader of our country, I am scared to death of the obvious self destructive direction we are headed.

The obvious shock that's our reality right now is the death of the late Tupac and BIGGIE.. do you all understand where this can lead next? I pleed to all of you, when I ask that you stop veiwing our youth as "unreachable" or "uncontrolable" and take the initiative as adults to try and make a difference...

We are at a crucial turing point where war is a strong possibility within our communities and we CAN make a difference... we MUST..!!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, I hope that you will read this with a open heart, strong mind and willingness to join me on the battlefield of "Peace"..

Peace & much love,
Lil' bit San Jose, CA

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