(P.H.A.T., in a way love goes...)

If tonight was forever plus a day or two,
for the rest of my life I'd wanna love you...
p.h.a.t in a way love goes

Do you like jazzz? Well I do too
ant tonight I want jazz between me and you
Your round derriere, and oh-so thick thighs
let's make sweet music and improvise
wit' harmony in high notes and low ones too
pleased t' give passion in what we do
Oh look at you, oh look at us
united together in blissful chorus...

Over and over, again and again
lady you an angel, a heven-send
Your tongue, your touch, so warm so right
and lips I like makin' love all night
Delighted to be united in complete exercise,
just open your heart (please) and close your eyes
Shapely lips and hips, know I wanna dip, in between
your well that moves me, you know what I mean

Feelin good while in your presence,
what we do now is total essence
Take me where you want me to go
I'm comin' wit' yo lady and we're doin' it nice and slow
Deeper and deeper you've got me all wet
I'm smilin' on you as you feel my sweat;
In my arms my dear, so sincere,
holdin' me, you've got me glad to be here

Let's play footies, thighsies, I see
we're playin so good please continue to tell me
In your body language the desires of your heart
together act of lovin' undressed for the part
Suck on your sweet tarts, then nibble real soft an'
lickin you all over from rarely to often
Quiet storm, is descriptive of the weather
of passion experienced with you 'n' I together...

By Monte

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