The fact that we want to talk about peace shows that all of the disturbing recent events in our culture have happened for a much deeper reason. Developing a Page for Peace is a result of the negative and a start for the positive. I offer to my community a chance to help create world peace, by starting in Your own life. To develop your own life to become a creative, compassionate, prosperous and most of importantly a happy person.

It can all seem so overwhelming in our society, the death, hunger, anger, mental illness, drug dependacy and general break down of a people, community and human life condition. To understand how it got this way and learn and understand our role we played in this situation is my defintion of empowerment (my answer to peace).

To accept responsiblity for everything that happens in our lives as OUR responsiblity will make you view life with clarity of self and the way life works. It is from this point where you get the power. To know I created my situation means I have the power to transform it. It is only through strong spiritiality does this type of wisdom come.

I challege my people to find peace in their hearts. It's already there waiting, and when you tap into it is when you will see a change in your life and in those who you connect with.

I am a 24 yr old Mother, Photographer and Activist. I have found peace in my heart through my Buddist practice. I am developing my life from a lifetime of negativity, to a new life of treasures I never even new were possible. However, it means little if all those I know around me still suffer. This is the reason I have dedicated my life to promoting peace and empowerment where it is yet to show. There is a eternall spring of hope that we will get through this dark period of time, it exhist and you must make the cause to feel it. We are a generation of true fighters and spirits that have played this game before. When we challege the universe, or God, Jehovah, Allah, Our ancestors, and our own spirit to show us actually proof of peace. Instantly it will appear and your jouney starts there. The creation of this page and KMEL's change of format have been additional proof in my life that my sincere prayers for peace most importantly in my community, are soon to be answered.

I want to urge you to please get involved with peolple of like minds and different to continue to plant seeds of peace, through dialogue, education and culture. Thank you for reading my thoughts on Peace and if you have any thoughts to share or questions please feel free to e-mail me at

I wish you peace, love and happiness
Patanisha Alia

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