2pac died in the hospital about two hours ago. whoever shot him should be satisfied in the removal of another strong soldier from the struggle against the powers that be. whoever shot 2pac didn't kill him... it was the muthafukka that gave him the weapon. and who was that u ask...
same muthafukkaz that shot Fred Hampton.
same muthafukkaz that deaded the Black Panther Party For Self-Defense.
same muthafukkaz that watch us kill ourselves every day are responsible
for the MURDER of one of our greatest soldiers, though at times he was
overspoken, he was still a soldier...and soldiers die.
if the revolution kicked off tomorrow,
who would u rather have watchin' your back ?
Tupac, no question.

Michael Langford (Griffen)
WMAQ All News 670 (a westinghouse station)
Chicago, Il.

Blessings and Peace:

At a community cultural gathering this evening a colleague of mine shared a very interesting and insightful point. He said: It's not "who" shot Tupac, but rather "what" shot Tupac. There is rampant in our community a raging plague of blind hatred, violence and outright destruction. None of us are totally removed from it or totally immune or safe from it. Only a full out concerted effort can address and overcome this dilemma. All of us have a significant role to play in this quest, and all have a very serious stake in his outcome.

None of us can hide behind the "I'm not living life that; I'm not involved" alibi. Do you buy or listen to rappers who pollute the mind and spirit with foul aimless lyrics? Do you not speak out forcefully against this type of non-principled parasitic, money grubbing music? Do you not challenge those around you who do support this type of mental desecration? Do you not use the skills, abilities and talents (however meager) you have to project a life affirming vibration and message? Do you allow the present situation to overwhelm you with a sense of hopelessness? According to your answer find your self "in the mix" of the problem.

So the real question we must address is what is the root causes emotional venom that is poisioning our community to the point of complete self-genocide; and how to we effectively combat them? How do we bring ourselves to give a damn? How do we cease with the chasing of illusions, or the drowning in mind numbing activities of all sorts, so that we can be about the business of living and not dying prematurely.

We're in more than a state of Arrested Development, we're in a process of Self Annihilation.

In Service and Respect,
Rafiki Cai

I think he sold his soul to the devil and the devil exacted his due. please email me with location of tupac tribute when it's ready. thanks.


I was beginning to feel that there were only a few people who really cared about the tragedy take took TuPac's short life. I'm glad to see that I was wrong. I agree regardless what you think of him, his life or his music, a life has been lost and a family is grieving the loss of their Strong AA Son. My prayers go out to his family and all who grieve with them...


2pac I just can't believe that you are gone. I listen your music all the time and has always kept up on what was going on in your life. I'm going to miss you. I love you.


When Tupac got shot everything changed. Man, Pac is more than just a rapper or an actor or even a felon. Pac is a philosphy. You either understand where he's coming from or you don't. A lot of people did and a lot of people didn't--but that will be rectified. All I really got to say is that we all will mourn Pac for as long as we live. "...Bury me smiling with G's in my pocket/have a party at my funeral let every rapper rock it/let the hoes that I used to know/from way before kiss me from my head to my toe/Give me a paper and pen/so I can write about my life of sin/a couple bottles of gin/in case I dont get in/Tell all my peoples I'm a RIDAH/nobody cries when we die/ we outlaws let me ride..."

Rest in peace forever.

This is a shame that this brother had to die over some mess or shall I say the life that young brothers find hard to get out of. I understand that in order to stay real you have to stay connected but, sometime you have to get out of the game.

Much love and sympathy goes from my heart to his mother, no one can imagine the pain she is going threw now, losing a child is the most excruciating pain ever. Have you ever heard a mothers cry after losing a child? Well I have and it is truly not an experience that I would ever want to encounter.

2Pac Rest in Peace!

Much Love,
Mimi Watson

May Tupac's soul rest in peace. But when he broke the convenant he made with his creator in jail about changing his image i.e. respecting the sanctity of woman, being a good positive role model for his fans, etc, I realized his days were numbered. I just hope his death will open the eyes of our youth to the fact that no one lives forever.

Mukhtar Dan'Iyan


My heart mourns for you and the brothas. Symbolism of despairity, fortified in hatred, hovers over you, diminishing all hope.

With all due respect, you were suffering. Suffering the way we all know and want to ignore or forget. The kind of suffering that simmers deep and begins to boil. Upon surfacing, the craze is a heavy burden to bear. And so, you take it out on each other.

Your birth and the birth of millions of brothas alike, is celebrated with uncertainty and little hope for the future. As we heard your cries, there was little hope for peace within your soul.

It seems the only peace is found in death. God rest your young soul.


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