Is 2Pac's Death
A Publicity Stunt?

I'm not a big Tupac fan...but I'm fascinated in solving this crime. I've heard many theories... from Compton Crips doing it to get back at Suge... to even accusing Nas since he was in town.

But the key which is the strangest thing is... One... how come one of the 10 cars that was following Tupac & Suge didn't chase the culprits... and Two... you're telling me no one, not even a tourist, saw what happened on that busy Las Vegas strip. Alot of things don't add up. But the information that I have received from some sources at Death Row have lead me to believe that Tupac is not dead. Has anyone seen him in the hospital? How come the media, who always gets some kind of shot, didn't have footage of Pac getting in an ambulance or on a stretcher?

I have a few theories of my own. I think this is all a publicity stunt... honestly. If Tupac dies... he gets released of all pending lawsuits. If you try to go to your local record store to buy a Tupac... forget it. Anything by the Tupac is sold out. I was also informed that there was an insurance policy worth $72 million on Tupac. Plus Tupac has just finished recording another album under the name Makevelli. Add this all up... Tupac's death = MONEY.

It has been confirmed that Suge is in Florida as we speak. What's he doing in Florida? Could he be sending Pac on a boat to an island or something? Tupac always talked about death and being shot... you could say he was foreshadowing what was to come. He said that he wanted to get out the game... and maybe this is a way to get out of it and still have some serious loot. Or... maybe it is the death of Tupac... only to return as Makavelli (sort of like the man formely known as Prince thang). Imagine if someone to pull something off like this... this would be the publicity stunt of the century! Suge and Tupac would make they're mark in history. One other thing... do some research on Makavelli (Machiavelli)... an Italian military strategists of the 1600s. Machiavelli did some wild sh*t similar to this. Do your research... then you come up with your own theory.


What do you think of this theory?

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