As you all know 2Pac Shakur passed away due to respitory failure a little after 4'oclock on Friday, September 13 1996.. at University Medical Center in Las Vegas... For those of us who got to know him.. and many of us here in the Bay Area... this hits especially hard... As a result we've constructed a memorial of sorts for 2Pac...For many he symbolized the duality in us all...hence we've received all sorts of letters..both good and bad regarding 2Pac...and have posted them for all to see...

There are many who've asked..'Why have a tribute for 2Pac?' .. After all, with all the controversy surrounding him..why should he go out like a hero?.. For me personally, that's not for me to decide... Judging from the hundreds of reponses I've gotten..It's evident that 2Pac had a lot of fans.. and folks have a lot to say.. I feel its important for us to have a place where those who embrace a hip hop perspective can have their say.. I can't speak on other areas..but here in the Bay.. there's quite a few news outlets that went out like biscuits.. They were overtly biased in their coverage and in some cases.. absolutely wrong.. Here on this site.. I wanted to provide a forum for those who wanted to reflect on 2Pac and even theorize about his death.. [Who Shot 2Pac?].. They could do this here uninhibited...

Enjoy, reflect and take away from his untimely death a positive message and insight which will hopefully help turn the tide for those who've been traveling down a path of violence...

Peace to all
Davey D

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Only God Can Judge You...
by J. Hilton

Dear Tupac,

Black man, Black boy, Prince, Thug, Revolutionary, Symbol. They only see your tattoos, jewelry, and body language. They only hear your vulgar words, defiant messages, and your unavoidable controversy. They see your life as a threat, they comment "chickens came home to roost." They blame you for violence in America, they pour disgust on you and point the finger at you for problems in our families.

Black man, Black boy, Prince, Thug, Revolutionary, Symbol. We see you as the dark truth they are scared to accept. We see you as the voice we sometimes could not find. We see you as a young Malcolm X. Alcohol, drugs, women and prison consumed you, as it did Brother Malcolm. Yet those that knew you, knew you were on the way out, you had seen the light and moved toward it. We felt your pain, so similar to ours. We felt your frustration, so similar to ours. We felt your anger, so similar to ours. You are an unavoidable realness. To Generation X, as they describe it, you are a 1996 Elvis, John Lenin, Jimi Hendricks, Sammy Davis, Ella Fitzgerald. Those that don't know, may never know. Those that do know, truly know that... Only God Can Judge You!

To my Brotha, rest in peace, I'll never forget what you said.


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