The tragedy of 2Pac's life, and that of many rappers, is the inability to escape the environment and mindset that inspires much of their music. The street mentality of violence, bravado, territorial rivalries, and reclamation of respect at all costs, was ingrained in his life. He never realized his brilliant talents put him so much above the nonsense that cost him his life.

Although his life ended too soon, it was not without merit. Few people get the opportunity to touch and be loved by millions of people. His musical legacy will continue to live. I just hope other rappers do not follow his personal legacy. That would be tragic.


Why on earth did he stand up out of the sunroof? He was either fronting at whoever was shooting - so he may have known who that was or He was trying to escape - I don't think so.


I never really did buy his music but he's made some phat shit. But he should'nt have said what he said and thought he would get away with it.


When I consider the reputation that Suge Knight has in the record industry, and his close gang affiliation with the Bloods, I don't think it's out of the question that he was actually the target. On the other hand, seeing that 2-pac and Suge were real tight with Mike Tyson, somebody with some unknown beef could have used the knowledge that they would be in Las Vegas to ambush either 1 of them. The only thing I really hope is that this gas nothing to do with the east-west bullshit. My sympathy goes out to 2-pac's people and those that loved him. I hope he can find the peace that eluded him in life.

I am hoping that this message is received within enough time to be put out there along with the others. I am an east coast female who is really feeling this loss of our young brother. I know Tupac and many of the west coast fans thought that there was no love for him out east, but that's not the case. I am sorry to say that I never had the opportunity to meet or greet the man, but I had so much love in my heart for him from day one, you just wouldn't believe it!

I am seriously greiving right about now and I just hope that some good comes from all of this pain.

Trelly in Hempstead, NY


Tupac was talented but he was, if not anything else, stupid. Stupid because he had the means and opportunity and did not change his life.

I grew up in the hood, still live in the hood, and some of his actions were stupid.

It's a shame that Tupac died but even a bigger shame that he had the means and opportunity to change his life, and did not, that was stupid.

I grew up with some good brothers that were killed just for being in a car that looked like someone elses. I know brothers that got hooked on whatever and some have been killed and a couple have died from AIDs, or a couple have done things that put them behind bars for life. I know some that got out of jail and they changed their lives.

Tupac had a violent past but after getting shot, thrown in jail you would think that he would do some things differently. A violent past does not dictate a violent future. Tupac was partly responsible for the killing of a child in Marin city, and had been a drug dealer so let's not pretent this brother was an angel.

Yes, I think some of his lyrics told the story of the ghetto. I also think that some of his "Thug Life" lyrics glamorized the "Thug Life" and that did more harm to our youth than good. He never renounced that way of life and you can't keep embracing that kind of life and not expect something bad to happen.

I mourn brother Tupac's death but I also mourn the death of my friends Michael Lewis, Kenneth Jeffery, Burler Moore, Darnell Kennedy, etc. I run out of fingers and toes trying to count the brothers I grew up with that didn't make 25 or even come close to turning 30. that's a damn shame. If nothing else we should learn from this. Our children should learn from this.

The way Tupac lead his life is not how I would want my neices and nephews or any children to grow up to be. Tupac was no hero, was not one to be idolized but should be an example of how stupid some people can be even if they have money. Money doesn't buy you common sense and it doesn't buy you intelligence.

Tupac is not a martyr.


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