R.I.P. 2pac,
although I didn't like most of your music,
I did respect you and am very sorry for you your family and friends that
you passed away,


I jus wanna give my respects to Tupac, it wasn't his time. He was only 25 years old. This really hit hard because I've been a big fan of Pac since he 1st left D.U. He didn't deserve too die and I jus wanna say Rest In Peace young Brah, heaven ain't hard to find, life goes on homey.

How many brothers fell victim to the
streets, rest in peace young n*gga
there's a heaven for a "G".

Much luv to Pac

First let me say that I will put this young brother in the same category as Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcom X. They were destined before there time and when there message got out it was not until after there death that people really began to feel and know the essence of their being. Now though Pac's lyrics talks about shoot em up, bitches and ho's the message is there in the music. For those who feel its this and that one thing no one can say is that it was not "true to life" I life that is lived by "people of color" all over this great nation [sic].

I just read your corner for the very first time and mind you if Pac had not died I doubt I would have found access to it. In an interview with hip hop rappers some one read the Willie Lynch letter. This should first lay the foundation for who killed 2Pac. I don't believe it was the east coast rivary (I also read the interview with Puffy Combs, and he doesn't seem as if it was a bullshit conversation but sincere and also stress the motto of divide and conquer.

On the other hand we as persons of color have to remember as was put by the great Indian warrior Geronimo "the soliders always had scouts"!! You never saw the calvary go out with out and Native American in the Lead.

So, did this Suge Knight Person set 2Pac. I think he is right in the midst of this whole deal. You look at the scenario from leaving the fight to leaving his home -- going to his club. African Americans have always had handerchef heads or "house niggers" the massa's folks.

I believe that Suge Knight was up on the death from start to finish. And I don't believe for one moment that it was his doing alone or believe for one moment his death was conceptualized by a person of color. When the smoke clears and time passes -- Someone white this includes Jews or the Mafia, (Both of which are nothing more than sand Niggers put nicely by Joe Pesci) will be found to have there hand in the mix. We must not be dettered by the smoke screen and believe for one moment that this was another case of black on black gansta crime. No boo Wrong, Willie Lynch crime yes -- senseless killing yes, but as with Malcom and Martin. The Hoogies [sic] white folks are in this mix.

Suge Knight is in this mix and so is his ten car entourage that couldn't even follow or do something to ensure that information on the perputrators could be gathered. I also don't buy or want to hear well Suge was injured too, it goes with the program. One important thing and the most important thing for me and folks I have communicated with is that the money 2Pac will definitely make from his death -- goes to his family (gross money). Not to the record label i.e. executive producer and ceo and record labels-- I hope that his family has the smarts that 2Pac displayed to have and have an attorney A good business attorney that is not afraid or not scared to be challenged by Big Brother nor little street thug brother for that matter (on this point of little street brother - they talk all that gansta shit every last one of them need to crawl in hole some where and play ostrich there bodies need to be in the sand.

I hope that this is not to long to show, but it is with a feeling of playing tribute to 2Pac that I can send this email. And my same sentiments are felt through out my midwest community. And I am not a young hip hop fan. I have children 2Pac's age. It goes back to my opening statement he is in the category with Malcom and Martin he crossed the age genre -- because he was a for real everyday brother with a talent to be heard. Picture him like this...

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