This page is designed for those who are trying to make it in the music biz.. We are in the process of gathering resources that may be of help to you..Listed below are some essential goods and services that may help you navigate the music biz... peep them out and make good use of them...

    This is a must see site if you are trying to make it in the business. Wendy Day who founded this non-profit organization has been instrumental in getting artist out of unfair contracts. She also has provided a ton of information for those who are trying to get a fair shake..

  • Patent Copyright Trademark Law
    Pat Costanzo is an excellent and affordable trademark attorney who can help you lock down your name and other important characteristics that separate you from the rest of the field. Her website can provide you with some good information..But its probably best to drop her a line to get the full 4-11 on her services. Having good trademark attorney is essential in this highly competitive field. For more information on Patent Copyright Trademark Law
    email Pat Costanzo

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