-Adrian Robinson- b/k/a INTELLEKT

Sometimes I question how
life can treat a Blackman when
it seems submission to white rule
is the plan
supreme allegations of your stance
that we're "born inferior"
only good for sports, song and dance
but yet and still
you FRONT at every chance
to flaunt your stolen power and
exert it when it ain't necessary
meanwhile, my kind gets buried
victims of your systematic drug and gang plots
and crooked cops
two political parties of bozos that HARDLY ever
concern themselves with any of my endeavors
unless they're passing unjust laws
tryinta strike me out three times
for hustlin' up my dinner and being down for mines
even though jobs're scarce
and C.R.E.A.M. dictates your manhood
in Capitalism's mental prisons
but none of that matters in a judge's decision
to throw the book at 'cha
now the system got you captured
dwelling within the belly of this beast
known as oppression
a strategic scheme reeking with the foul stench
of perpetual bigotry and hatred
makin' us mad enough to wanna
grab the nickel plated....

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