I'm taking one day at a time, utilize my mind so I can find surival in
this time, it's do or die within this time

I do the hustle like disco Fever, cannibus believer, wit skunk my mind's
crunk when I puff on blunts

I'm trying to make it to that next level no more BS, the advocate of the
devil boiling over with stress

From my complex that sets on the base of inferiorty, side tracked by
majority who moonlights as minorities

But they're really the smaller fraction, watch 'em freeze up on reaction
to the fact that the world is three-fourths color, the info got 'em

In complete dissatisfaction, I'm too hype to be relaxing, I gotta hustle
out my ass because the time I have is passin'

I wanna be maxin' with some chick on a beach in bikini, sippin' reunite
in Cuba or Tahiti

But I'm against the wall like graffiti, trying to be regal, but I'm
caught up in this game got me living Illegal.

In Life Luxuries Elevate Game to Another Level

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