1. Name the 2 dee jays for the Funky Four Plus One?
A. DJ's Breakout and Baron

2.  What was the name of the rapper who gave us the classic song
'Super Rhymes Rap'?  A: Jimmy Spicer

3. Name 2 dee jays that spun for DJ Hollywood?
A: DJ's Junebug and Lovebug Starski (Flash counts as well)

4-Before Salt-N-Pepa came along there was an original male dou known
as Salt-N-Pepa.  In fact the song 'My Mike Sounds Nice' came from a
routine this male S&P did.  Who was the original Salt-N-Pepa?  A:
Whipper Whip & Dot-A-Rock

5.  What record did Hurby LoveBug sample for 'the female' Salt and
Pepa's classic "My Mike Sounds Nice"?  A:Mister Magic - Grover

6. What famous rapper was known as 'The Son of Kurtis Blow'?
A: DJ Run

7.What record did Marley Marl sample for the Juice Crew classic "The
A: Marley Marl

8. Name Craig Mack's first record
A: Let's Get Retarded

9.  Hip Hop pioneer Kool Herc had a massive sound system which
included 2 huge speakers.  What was the name given to those speakers?
A: Sasquatch

10.  Name the Hip Hop artist who has put out more full length albums
then anyone else?  A: Too Short-13

Bonus 11.  What was the name of the artist that did Super Sporm was a
classic break beat..  What was the name of the album that the cut
Super Sporm was on?  A:Captain Sky..  The Adventures of Captain Sky

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